Casa de Lavra: A Harmonious Union between Architecture and Nature

Ricardo Azevedo. Casa de Lavra.exterior
Casa de Lavra: A Harmonious Union between Architecture and Nature it has been modified: 2024-04-22 di Benedetto Fiori

In the evocative panorama of contemporary architecture, the Casa de Lavra stands out, the result of the genius of the architect Ricardo Azevedo and his studio Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto. This project is not just a home, but rather a tangible testimony of the profound relationship that can be established between the architectural space and those who inhabit it.

In Casa de Lavra, the architect was able to capture the essence of its inhabitants and transform it into architectural form. As Azevedo himself states, the project was conceived “with enthusiasm on site”, reflecting the profound harmony between the architect and the client. This empathetic bond allowed total freedom in the creative process, transforming the drawing into reality without intermediaries. Mutual trust between designer and client was the foundation on which this extraordinary residence was built.

The heart of the project lies in the transformation of a 80s house, characterized by traditional lines and a clear separation between the internal and external spaces. The goal was to unite these two worlds, allowing them to blend harmoniously. Thus, the Casa de Lavra becomes a place where the internal environments merge with the surrounding landscape, creating a continuity between inside and outside.

The expansion of the housing program results in three distinct volumes, raised from the base but in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. This organic growth of the project reflects the intent to connect the interior spaces with the exterior ever more intimately, amplifying the sensorial experience of the inhabitants.

The distribution of the rooms has been carefully designed, guaranteeing both the privacy of the suites and the fluid connection between the common areas and the suggestive pool area. The soundscape has also been carefully designed, with a waterfall creating a soothing background, perfect for moments of tranquility and contemplation.

A particularly suggestive element is the living room, which transforms into a porch open towards the garden. Here, a sculpture by artist Paulo Neves reveals itself as a carved door, offering a unique sensory experience that blends with the surrounding nature.

Finally, the addition of a suite with a panoramic balcony has allowed us to capture the enchantment of the sea, previously hidden from view. This final touch has made the Casa de Lavra a place where horizons open towards new horizons, where the sea becomes an integral part of daily life.

Ultimately, the Casa de Lavra represents an extraordinary example of how architecture can transform not only physical space, but also human experience. Thanks to the vision and sensitivity of professionals like Ricardo Azevedo, the union between architecture and nature becomes a tangible reality, capable of enriching the lives of those who live there.

project info

Project name: Casa de Lavra
Architecture Office: Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto
Main Architect: Ricardo Azevedo
Location: Lavra, Porto, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2021
total area: 940m2
Engineering: Fénix, Projetos de Eng. Civil
Interiors Team: AAR Deco
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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