KSWA / Loft in New York

KSWA / Loft in New York it has been modified: 2021-07-17 di Social Design Magazine

I New York loft in our imagination are made in large spaces, often in abandoned industrial buildings, in this case instead of the study KSWA has achieved a small loft. in a few square meters and not even fully double-height, optimizing space through the design of a “smart” furniture.

KSWA define this small loft in New York as “Puzzle Loft” to indicate the interlocking and optimization work performed. All walls and ceiling are white to improve light diffusion, while the horizontal surfaces are made of maple wood. The dividing elements introduced define the rooms and support the mezzanine, on the ground floor there is the living area and kitchen, with a peninsula that also acts as a desk. From the thickening of the vertical wall, the corridor area, a wardrobe was created that acts as an additional structural support for the mezzanine space where there is the bedroom, defined by half-height walls, one of which in glass, on the side from the which comes the light.


-lofted bedroom


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