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12-17 April, the news of the Milan Design Week Lessmore 2016

The ecoarredi Lessmore brand and its designer Giorgio Caporaso participate in the excitement of the Milan Design Week 2016 with three new products.


The green cardboard of Lessmore furnishings at Fa 'La Cosa Giusta 2016

Since 18 20 to March, the furniture of architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso sustainable return for the third time to the great Italian exhibition dedicated to the critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, "Do 'The Right Thing."

design News

The chaise longue and heel twelve Maison Karine Arabian houses the designer Giorgio Caporaso

Fashion and design meet in Paris. The Maison Karine Arabian invites and opens its doors to the designer Giorgio Caporaso and the Lessmore brand in the spaces of rue Papillon and rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Salone del Mobile 2014

Lessmore: “Mattoni” module system and “Tappo” coffee table at the Salone del Mobile 2014

Lessmore will be present at the Salone del mobile 2014 with the new system of stackable modules “Mattoni” and with a new version of the “Tappo” table.


Valentine 2014: a sustainable love Lessmore!

Celebrate love, harmony and beauty of a pair feeling is makes us happy, strong and - sometimes - too sexy! You have or 15 70 years when it arrives Valentine's day the important thing is to have a reason to celebrate.