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The chaise longue and heel twelve Maison Karine Arabian houses the designer Giorgio Caporaso

The chaise longue and heel twelve Maison Karine Arabian houses the designer Giorgio Caporaso it has been modified: 2022-06-03 di Anna

Fashion and design meet in Paris. The Maison Karine Arabian invites and opens its doors to the designer Giorgio Caporaso and the Lessmore brand in the spaces of rue Papillon and rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.

But first it is necessary to step back and tell a story, that of a French fashion house that looks to the design.

The story begins with the discovery of an Italian designer with which takes a spark. A feeling that arises from the particular approach to the materials and the forms that the House recognizes in its projects and which is expressed through lines with a strong personality and his desire to experiment. So, between affinity and dialogue, Maison fashion Karine Arabian invites the Italian designer Giorgio Caporaso in the heart of Paris, and welcomes him hosting in its spaces the elegant furnishings of his "Ecodesign Collection" produced by Lessmore brand.

19 9 from November until JanuaryThe boutiques of rue Papillon will dedicate its display windows with a special display with these pieces with an essential and refined style where taste, innovation and exaltation of matter are a meeting point. Second scenario of this marriage between French fashion and Italian design, will be the space of rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in which will be hosted by the 28 6 November to December, the line of furnishings designed by architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso.

An exceptional event testifying to the sensitivity of the Parisian Maison towards design and the opening of the Lessmore brand to the world of fashion. The shoes and accessories signed by the Maison Karine Arabian will find an original 'Prêt-à-Porter' stage in the special set-up by Giorgio Caporaso.

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