GAS by Gattoni Rubinetteria. New industrial elegance

GAS by Gattoni Rubinetteria. New industrial elegance it has been modified: 2021-09-02 di Gattoni Rubinetteria Press

A new collection is born with a fun and ironic design thanks to the original Milan and Rome handles revisited in a modern key.

Freedom to compose according to the customer's needs, for a functional and personalized bathroom: the mission of Gattoni Rubinetteria is also clearly recognizable in the new GAS collection, which reinterprets the classic through an original industrial look.

The stylistic peculiarity of GAS revolves around the icastic shape of the handles that recall the typical ball and gas valves revisited according to an ironic and markedly modern aesthetic. For a balanced and flexible customization of the product, the new collection allows multiple configurations thanks to the possibility of choosing between two different types of levers - Milan and Rome - and type of mouth, rectangular or round, straight and curved with different diameters, thinner or generous, to be embellished through a careful selection of finishes.

The detail of the handles is enough to give the mixer a playful and innovative design, simpler and more essential if you opt for the Milano variant, more elaborate for Rome, starfish. The colors proposed for both handles are red (warm) - blue (cold), for a glossy effect, or white - black, for a matte surface. It is also possible to draw from the rich Gattoni finishes folder to make GAS the protagonist of your bathroom furniture. Chrome, brushed nickel, matt white and black, 24 kt gold and rose gold, plus special finishes such as anthracite gray and satin gold: different finishes help to create surfaces with a pleasant tactile as well as visual effect.
Finally, GAS also offers a complete range from a functional point of view: it is perfect for three-hole basin sets but adapts to other types of multi-way users, including showers, bathtubs and bidets. The GAS series, with its cheerful versatility, represents the story of a new purely industrial elegance, through the balanced combination of refined and suggestive finishes, designed to make the mixer unique and exclusive.

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