Design and nature come together in the new 2023 outdoor collection by Ethimo

Studiopepe bulbs pots
Design and nature come together in the new 2023 outdoor collection by Ethimo it has been modified: 2023-04-02 di Benedetto Fiori

Ethimo presents the new outdoor collections Bulbi, Nodi and Woody, the result of the collaboration with the designers of Studiopepe, Paola Navone and Marc Sadler.

The new Ethimo collections offer furnishing elements capable of personalizing any outdoor space, creating welcoming environments with a great aesthetic impact.

Vase bulbs in concrete with archetypal shapes

Bulbi is a series of concrete vases with simple and essential lines designed by Studiopepe, which are inspired by the archetypal shapes of containers, handcrafted and available in six different sizes and geometric shapes. Each vase is unique, thanks to the particular texture of the surface which enhances its materiality and imperfection, and can be used individually or in original configurations, transforming into support elements capable of personalizing any outdoor furniture project. The warm and natural colors recall the Mediterranean mood, transforming these versatile and decorative objects into distinctive elements.

Nodi outdoor rugs to recreate the same comfort of indoors in the open air

Nodi is instead the new collection of outdoor carpets designed by Paola Navone, which combines stylistic originality and high-performance materials. The collection is made up of three different models – Rete, Punto croce and Camouflage – made with macro yarns in different shades of color and grain weaving that designs geometric and abstract motifs. Soft and full-bodied, these rugs are ideal for recreating the same intimacy and comfort of indoor environments in the open air, thanks to their resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays which guarantee durability and strength over time.

Woody lamp, soft light in the evening and great decorative strength during the day

Woody is instead the new floor lamp created by Ethimo and Marc Sadler. The name is inspired by the substance of the lamp, entirely made of natural teak (FSC certified), which meets the warmth and natural preciousness of wood. Woody is a complement with a clean and refined design, able to give a soft light to gardens and terraces in the evening and to express its decorative strength during the day. The lamp is equipped with a double bulb and fits elegantly into any context, from residential to contract and to the hotel industry, creating suggestive and relaxing atmospheres.

In summary, the new Ethimo collections are characterized by an essential and refined design, high quality materials and great versatility.

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