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Artis Rubinetterie at FuoriSalone 2021 with Simone Micheli

Artis Rubinetterie at FuoriSalone 2021 with Simone Micheli it has been modified: 2021-09-02 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The fruitful collaboration between architect Simone Micheli and Artis, partner of the Hotel Regeneration exhibition on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2021, is consolidated.

Hybridization, contamination, alteration are the key words that guide the content and formal happening signed by architect Simone Micheli for FuoriSalone 2021. Hotel Regeneration is the largest and most engaging exhibition dedicated to contract and hospitality, a space in which functions are contaminated and environments merge osmotically, thanks to an intelligent use of technology and materials connected to the world of innovation.
In this visionary exhibition space, each element comes to life from the iconic and distinctive trait of the architect Micheli - thanks to the support of prestigious partner companies of international standing, such as Artis Rubinetterie - with the aim of creating a real immersive work of art. and inspiring.

At the same time, a virtual exhibition will be held at the Mostra Hotel Regeneration space, an exclusive preview of The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan. a new amazing apartment on the sea !, an ethical and intelligent project that will invite the visitor into an apartment designed by Simone Micheli in Versilia, a permanent, concrete showroom, where each guest will touch the excellence of the products made and provided by companies. The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan stems from the desire to go beyond the boundaries of known reality and to thin the boundary between virtual and real, so that the imagined can become tangible, habitable, experience.
Within this ambitious project, a place of honor is reserved for OBJECT, the series of mixers with a unique and well-defined personality, designed in 2019 by Simone Micheli for Artis Rubinetterie, which has made itself and will be the spokesperson for the values ​​represented by its products: construction quality and stylistic care, ease of use and attention to detail, all perfectly in line with the demands of the sector.

September 5-10
Milan Design Week 2021
Via Ventura 14, Milan

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