The rebirth of an ancient residence in the heart of the historic city. Casa Caldeira – Felipe Pina arquitectura

In the historic center of Vila Nova de Foz Coa, the Casa Caldeira project by Felipe Pina arquitectura focuses on the renovation of a building built at the end of the XNUMXth century, transforming it into a single-family house


A recognizable archetype characterized by a set of volumes that form the house, CASA CG – PEDRO HENRIQUE ARQUITETO

This place is characterized by a set of volumes that form the house, which embodies a recognizable archetype and which divides the intimate area from the social one, separating the bedrooms from the kitchen and living room.

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SIRECOM presents the new SHOGI collection

The discreet charm of the new trends in handcrafted modern rugs by Sirecom.


The carpet according to SIRECOM. New symphonies for contemporary living

Giving a unique identity to the most diverse environments is an exciting experience thanks to the custom-made services offered by the company that has been operating in the name of craftsmanship and personalization since 1976.


Total white interrupted by the warmth of wood and exposed concrete, Casa H1 | Bruno H Gomes

A total white villa in Portugal where the dominance of white is interrupted by the warmth of wood and structural parts in exposed concrete.


FACE RELOADED by SIRECOM. The faces of the custom-made carpet

The company based in Concorezzo creates bespoke furnishing elements, able to accommodate the facets of contemporary living starting from the hand-knotting of natural and precious materials.