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The unmissable installations at fuorisalone 2022

The unmissable installations at fuorisalone 2022 it has been modified: 2022-06-08 di Social Design Magazine

What are the unmissable installations at fuorisalone 2022? In the infinite sea of ​​products, events and so on and so forth of the Milan Design Week, undoubtedly the installations are among the most beautiful things to see.

Certainly we do not claim to collect all the installations of the Fuorisalone 2022 in this short review, but we have selected some that have intrigued us more than others, at least from the contents of the previews.


The international architecture and design studio RIOS, based in Los Angeles, presents Superbloom, an immersive exhibition with an optimistic vision that brings the extraordinary phenomenon of the flowering of Southern California to Milan.
Superbloom, is an intriguing multisensory journey through colors, scents and sounds, a tribute to the exceptional phenomenon of the Superbloom, the “super bloom” of southern California, where the studio is based.
Superbloom's sensory journey unfolds in three different environments that create a crescendo of emotions and sensations. Each leg of the journey simulates natural phenomena from the rain to the spread of buds and shoots, to the flowering of the fields, in particular, the breathtaking and world-renowned southern California one.

Where: Viale Umbria 49, 20135 Milan, MM Metro 3, Lodi TIBB stop - The Superbloom exhibition by RIOS will be open from 6 to 12 June and will continue until July.


Presented by Habits Design Studio Sincronia is a circular interaction design installation that investigates the relationship between movement, light and sound. It is a physical and digital interaction between the human body and light made spectacular by the art of the dance company Kataklò Athletic Dance Theater.
In the ancient and ritual geometry of the circle, the moving body produces luminous and sound signs that return a multisensory experience. Habits' installation is inspired by the works of land art, drawing on the ancestral value of the circle as the boundary of a space. The dancers of Kataklò and the visitors of the Fuorisalone, dancing or moving near the ring, interacting with the sensors and sources, produce a scenography of light, color and sound that involves the senses.

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Where: SUPERDESIGN SHOW - Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27 - Milan

floating forest

“Floating Forest” is the title of the project created by Stefano Boeri Interiors for Timberland on the occasion of the Milan Design Week: a floating multisensory forest created as an independent ecosystem on the water of the Darsena, for a greener city.
“Floating Forest” provides an immersive experience, both physical and virtual. The sensory elements will be merged with a digital experience on site, while for those who cannot participate in the Fuorisalone the experience will be online. A real disruptive landmark within the Milanese urban landscape: the forest is conceptually and physically studied as an independent ecosystem, where 610 trees and more than 30 species multiply biodiversity, activating the environmental benefits linked to urban forestation, in connection with the other green spaces in Milan.

Where: Viale Gabriele D 'Annunzio 20 Milan (Darsena) - from 10.00 to 22.00 from 7 to 12 June


On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, this year too Philip Morris presents a monumental installation. The title is "We" and is signed by Truly Design Crew.
Inside the Opificio 31 - in the heart of the Tortona District, where the Fuorisalone was born - IQOS hosts a temporary art intervention created by Truly Design Crew, the collective of urban artists active since 1996 particularly known on the international scene for the peculiar use of anamorphic distortion, an artistic trick whose solidity quickly dissolves once away from the correct point of sight, an invitation from the artists to imagine a new future and unprecedented possibilities

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Where: Opificio 31, Via Tortona 31 - Milan


To celebrate the Second Life concept, Natuzzi Italia has entrusted the artist and designer Marcantonio with an evocative installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo, the building where the via Durini showroom is located. With Marcantonio's installation, the courtyard is transformed into a fairytale world, in which gigantic olive sprouts sprout from the floor, or rather, from the earth. Characterized by a mirrored golden surface, the gigantic shoots, about 4 meters high, reflect the sunlight. Thus they imitate nature on the one hand and classical and Renaissance decorations on the other, in which plant elements evoke life and rebirth. Germogli puts the spotlight on the problem of xylella, the bacterium that endangers the life of olive trees.

Where: Natuzzi Italia Showroom - Palazzo Durini Caproni courtyard in Taliedo - via Durini 24, Milan
8 and 9 June 2022, 10.00 - 20.00


On the occasion of Design Week 2022, Lea Ceramiche invites the public to discover one of the most fascinating and secret glimpses of Milan, through an installation capable of enhancing its paths and perspectives, curated by the architect Ferruccio Laviani.
Perspectives will take shape inside the Giardino dei Platani of the Humanitarian Society of Milan: a green area adjacent to the Cloisters of San Barnaba, a scenario of great stimulus to tell the beauty, opportunities and innovation expressed by the ceramic material. Along the walkways of this green space, Laviani has imagined a path in ceramics to investigate the kaleidoscopic perspectives that open up for architecture.
A succession of ultra-thin ceramic slabs alternate to create a sort of perspective telescope obtained through cracks that recall natural ravines at the bottom to which one can look.
"I thought of an installation halfway between installation and land art, reminiscent of Thomas Demand's 'Grotto' layering, the pages of Stephen Doyle's sculpted books or, again, the contemporary labyrinth of Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. A different way of experiencing ceramics in a combination that includes mineral and vegetable, architecture and art, experience and visual perception, through the language of the LEA Ceramiche collections.. " Ferruccio Laviani.

Where: Chiostri San Barnaba - Via Daverio 7, Milan - 7 - 12 June - From Tuesday to Saturday: from 10.00 to 20.00 Sunday: from h. 10.00 to h. 15.00

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