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FRANCESCO LUCCHESE named art director of Fir Italia

Francesco Lucchese
Francesco Lucchese
FRANCESCO LUCCHESE named art director of Fir Italia it has been modified: 2019-02-23 di Benedetto Fiori

Francesco Lucchese, after a collaboration lasting many years and crowning a long path of collaboration with the company, becomes the new art director of Fir Italy.

Fir Italia, a brand with over 60 years of history, makes design and quality its strengths. Over the years it has become a point of reference in the field of design faucets for bathrooms and kitchens, domestic and professional.

Francesco Lucchese, architect and designer, is the founder of the Lucchesedesign studio, a multidisciplinary team with thirty years experience in the field of architecture, design and business consulting. The firm operates in different fields and coordinates business positioning projects, communication and exhibition design events and product strategies, collaborating with leading Italian and foreign companies.

Product design is addressed in its entirety taking care of all the aspects related to it through the artistic direction.

"The artistic direction begins after many years of collaboration on product design, during which I collaborated with Fir Italia in the construction of a strong cultural identity through a broad catalog with a complete range of products aimed at different targets, which effectively responds to market needs global" Francesco Lucchese explains and continues "The innovation that has always been distinguished the company in terms of product today translates into potential business and professionalism in the management of technological research ".

And on the participation of Fir Italia at the ISH fair (11 / 15 March, Frankfurt), which sees him involved, it is expressed as follows: "Forts of a consolidated positioning like company at the forefront of innovation, we have worked on a project to come presented at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt, which involves the brand in the its totality and which will speak of color. Not a new collection, but a concept of transversal color, a proposal of finishes that embrace more models and collections characterized by different designs and styles, combining innovation and creativity."

And goes on "In parallel, the research proceeds to determine the stylistic guidelines of the new collections, confirming the desire to address an increasingly international audience" to underline the intention to bring the company in an increasingly sophisticated context, with a new strategic vision, which intends to develop and raise the image of Fir Italia more and more, making it unique and recognizable in a global scenario.

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