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TORTONA ROCKS # 7 - The off-the-beaten path of the Tortona area

TORTONA ROCKS # 7 - The off-the-beaten path of the Tortona area it has been modified: 2022-06-07 di Lucia3

MATTER. New perspectives in design

Tortona Rocks offers again this year a critical reading of the great contemporary demands who are guiding the design. Transformation, experimentation, waste, reuse, circularity, sustainability: these are the pillars of the 4.0 expressive code.

Over 20 international contents on display: from the monumental and site specific installation of IQOS to the research projects of the German Design Council and Center for Creativity Slovenia, to the lighting design by Stilnovo and many others.

Under the banner of experimentation. The seventh edition of Tortona Rocks takes inspiration from RAW MATERIAL, as a point to head to reconstruct visions, processes and forms.
The reconfiguration taking place has reformulated our lifestyle, after having triggered an unprecedented hybridization of contents, between new materials and cutting-edge technologies.

The schedule of events of Tortona Rocks, curated by Milano Space Makers, will unfold in the Tortona district between Opificio 31, via Tortona, via Savona and via Bergognone, confirming itself as the avant-garde design and research antenna of the area, the one that brings the most innovative design to the background of post-industrial vestiges, giving life to a semantics of inlays, between the past and new design perspectives.

Highlight of the 2022 edition of Milan Design Week is theIQOS installation, a temporary monumental intervention that continues the evolutionary path between art and technology that the company has undertaken in recent years.

Also for this edition Philip Morris Italia turns it look to the future and sustainability presenting an immersive anamorphic work signed by Truly Design Crew, created on a structure treated with Airlite paint, whose technological composition allows to reduce pollutants in the air.
The stylistic trait of the work is theanamorphism, being made up of different surfaces, each of which contributes to creating a great image, just like a community made up of countless people, each with its uniqueness and its story to tell. The initiative aims to promote a dialogue on the positive impact that progress can have on individuals and communities.

Opificio 31 reaffirms the primacy of being the agora of international design in Milan. Here German Design Council will present the selection of the winning projects of the international competition ein & zwanzig between alternative process techniques and new sustainable materials; Center For Creativity Slovenia (CzK) will show a collective of designers and their critique of existing economic and social systems offering a different perspective on production; Stilnovo's iconic products will be the protagonists of the surprising concept, Stilnovo Original Lounge, while tomorrow's living will still be at home. Archiproducts Milan with Future Habit (at). Connective Nature by Finsa will make people reflect on the relationship of people with nature and on the role of public spaces as social connectors while Vento by Consorzio Prosciutto San Daniele will involve visitors in an experiential journey that enhances the role of the natural and primordial elements of the territory where a product of excellence. Preciosa Lighting will give rhythm to the design week thanks to lights, crystals and music, elements of the Composition in Crystal installation and Peter Ott will show how professional photography can be transformed into a new graphic style. CASA, the Belgian chain of furniture stores, will launch its summer collection; ISIA Firenze will present a project dedicated to antifragile design while Boero, a historic company in the sector, will propose a new color palette in the setting curated by IED.

The exhibition circuitor continue on Via Savona with The Playful Living which, in collaboration with Sfera MediaGroup, presents A Casa Ovunque, a hybrid event that mixes digital and physical experiences. In Via Tortona Bud Brand will present new talents in Japanese design and in Via Bergognone Vanity Fair Italia will present Vanity Fair Social Garden, an urban oasis of relaxation to discover the highlights related to the Fuori Salone and new products.

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