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Atelier Macramè the Milan Design Week 2017

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Atelier Macramè the Milan Design Week 2017 it has been modified: 2017-04-02 di hill

Design Around designed by the same designers with the objective of investigating the theme of the culinary traditions in different cultures of the world through a poetic and original look.

After studying architecture, Laura Calligari founded the online magazine in 2010, an attentive observer of all the best of yesterday and today design; in 2013 he created Atelier Macramè and became a designer of objects and collections in small series - always inspired by the simplicity and traditions of everyday life - made with the support of selected local artisans who express their manufacturing excellence in objects of contemporary design. The Bakery Stool collection - part of Design Around, a series inspired by the food universe - is among the objects selected for the exhibition W. Women in Italian Design at the Triennale di Milano.

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Laura Calligari @ Quattromani | Design meets artisans
4 - 9 April 2017, BASE Milano, via Bergognone 34, XNUMXst floor
3 - 9 2017 April, Frida, Source Shop, via Pollaiuolo 3

Laura Calligari @ Design Out
5 - 9 April 2017, SIAM, via Santa Marta 18

Laura Calligari @ FuoriSalmone
4-9 2017 April, building Luna, via Private Maximian 25

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