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Kios Ariston inverter air conditioner: high energy efficiency and remote control respecting the environment

inverter air conditioner ariston Kios
Kios Ariston inverter air conditioner: high energy efficiency and remote control respecting the environment it has been modified: 2017-05-10 di Benedict Flowers

The Ariston Kios inverter air conditioner is a top of the range product that allows you to obtain the desired thermal comfort while ensuring high energy efficiency while respecting the environment.

To these performances obtained thanks to technologies such as 3D inverter, ECO mode and R32 refrigerant gas, are added advanced functions such as remote control and Aromatherapy. All these factors added to a design with a discreet and elegant character, make the Kios air conditioner an indispensable resource for facing the hot summer months, as well as useful for heating in the cold season.

Inverter Air Conditioner in class A +++

Comfort is increasingly sustainable and respectful of the environment starting with refrigerant gas, one of the basic components of air conditioners and heat pumps. The Kios air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant gas with less CO2 emissions. Compared to other refrigerant gases, a lower quantity of R32 is required to obtain the same performance, thus minimizing the environmental impact.

In addition to the refrigerant capable of greater performance, the Kios inverter air conditioner can count on other technologies to optimize consumption such as 3D inverter technology, which allows you to modulate the power used through three parameters: compressor frequency, fan speed and external fan speed. .

Since January 2013, European regulations require all air conditioning systems (up to 12 kW) to comply with the minimum requirements of energy efficiency required and the obligation to apply a label explaining the performance of the product. The legislation does not allow the placing on the market of non-compliant products. The Kios air conditioner, thanks to the advanced technologies adopted, not only reaches the A ++ energy class, mandatory since January 2017, but anticipates the times by reaching grade A +++.

Very interesting in terms of energy saving is the ECO function, which allows the air conditioner Kios to optimize the consumption of electricity by producing an overall saving in the consumption of up to 70%.

Le available versions they are mono (2,5 - 3,5 kW) and multi inverters (Dual-Trial)

Remote control with Ariston Climate

We already talked about remote control of the heating system, in the same way we can have total control of the air conditioner through the “Ariston Clima” app and an optional “Wi-Fi kit”, which includes a USB key and a Wi-Fi adapter.

Once you have installed the app, available for both Android and iOS, you can use your smartphone as if you were using the air conditioning remote control. It will be possible to adjust the desired temperature and manage both the main and advanced functions, such as the Follow Me function which modulates the room temperature according to our position, or the Memory function, which allows you to set and store both the temperature and the speed of the fan to ensure greater comfort the next time it is switched on.

Installation and maintenance

High energy efficiency, innovative and elegant design, but the Kios inverter air conditioner seems to have one of its strengths greater simplicity of installation. It has been calculated that compared to an air conditioner with previous design and technology, Kios allows a 20% reduction in installation time. Also with regard to maintenance, the design with rotating front panel allows easier access to the unit for a quick replacement of the electronic board.

Also interesting is the AUTO-MATCHING function, which is very useful if you are installing a multi split system. In this case, even when the electrical connection has not been carried out correctly, the system automatically re-couples all the units connected to the external machine, facilitating installation.

Scented environments with Aromatherapy

If you like that the rooms of your home are always scented, and that the aroma always reflects your mood, you can only appreciate the Aromatherapy function.

Diffusion of fragrances is achieved thanks to a porous filter present in the machine and essential oils. You can choose the perfume you want and change it at any time.


inverter air conditioner ariston Kios

inverter air conditioner Kios ariston front view

inverter air conditioner Kios ariston side view inverter air conditioner ariston detail Kios

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