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EU imposes new rules on energy-efficiency standards

Condensing boiler Ariston Clas Premium Ages
Condensing boiler Ariston Clas Premium Ages
EU imposes new rules on energy-efficiency standards it has been modified: 2017-02-02 di Benedict Flowers

The new rules on energy efficiency standards have entered into force on 26 September 2015 throughout Europe, after many years of study and negotiations. The new European ErP legislation requires minimum energy efficiency for the placing on the market of products such as boilers and water heaters.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the comparison between the products, therefore the choice of the consumer, the obligation of the affixing of aenergy label containing information including efficiency class, consumption, noise.

This also applies to online stores that first had to indicate the class to which the product belongs, but not to denote all the other classes of the scale (A +, A ++, B, etc.), making it difficult to compare the efficiency, from The entry into force of the EU rules must expose the complete energy labels.

energy label

New energy label

This is a big change, from which we expect an equally great result with regard to the reduction of CO2 emissions, compared to the objectives set for the 2020. In fact, the new rules ban traditional boilers in favor of innovative and more efficient condensing boilers, except in some cases such as in the presence of branched collective flues, not compatible with the new boilers.

It is estimated that starting from 2020 the new measures on energy efficiency standards, stand-by and energy label will strongly reduce European emissions, leading to a primary energy saving equal to 166 MTE, equal to the primary energy needs of our Peninsula, ie to consumption of around 60 million households.

The benefits deriving from the new EU rules for consumers are not just about safeguarding the environment: they will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, but also lower energy consumption, savings on energy bills and the possibility of being able to compare products online more clearly.

The Italian government implements the new EU rules on energy efficiency standards and recognizes the importance of condensing boilers, In order to reduce gas consumption and pollutant gas emissions, providing tax incentives and the 65 50%%, or through the account thermal energy. Tax deductions for the costs incurred from January 1 2016 31 to December 2016 will be accepted up to 50%, for a maximum amount of EUR 96.000.

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