Roman travertine in Casaidea 2012

Roman travertine in Casaidea 2012 it has been modified: 2012-02-14 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, with the patronage of the Order of Architects of Rome and the Province and with the collaboration of the "Center for the enhancement of Roman Travertine" within Casaidea 2012, nine designer architects will propose their projects for the exhibition "Objects of use in Roman travertine".

 Lamps, vases, small tables, chairs, hangers made by companies in the sector, with this initiative we want to demonstrate how "an ancient stone such as Roman travertine can be profitably used even in the contemporary forms of today's home" and thus promote qualitative growth of this specific productive sector of Lazio, made up of a multiplicity of small and medium enterprises. Among the proposed projects: Agrippina Violetta Canitano (

Agrippina is the grandmother's abatjour, the stereotype par excellence of the table lamp, which, for the occasion, is stylized into a sign, transforming itself into a perforated, backlit top made of a noble material such as Roman travertine. On the back of the panel, a bar and a metal clip are arranged, able to support the lamp holder and the relative bulb, the system also makes it easy to disassemble and replace the latter. The use of Roman travertine gives this object a stylistic thickness and a substance that enhances the shape, at the same time, the floral processing, highlights the natural streaks and shades of a classic material, modernizing it. Agrippina blends with the classic style as well as with the modern one in an original and delicately sophisticated form.

On show at Casaidea 2012 at the New Fair of Rome from the 10 18 March


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