Library Spiga / Gianluca Sgalippa for Enzyma

Library Spiga / Gianluca Sgalippa for Enzyma it has been modified: 2012-02-03 di Benedetto Fiori

Produced and marketed exclusively by Enzyma, library Spiga has been created by designer Gianluca Sgalippa inspiration from the shape of wheat ear

when mature, but in this case the books take the place of the grains. Following the philosophy that the books can be positioned differently from the vertical, the shelf L spike angle changes progressively offering considerable freedom in positioning the volumes.

This vertical development model can be single or be repeated modularly along the wall, putting the panels back.

dimensions: 36 27 cm x x 246h
materials: wood, ABS
surface finish: lacquer; ABS edges
Delivery: 30 days
available colours: all colors RAL code (as indicated by the customer)





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