Rubble Floor / Dave Hakkens

Rubble Floor / Dave Hakkens it has been modified: 2012-02-04 di Benedetto Fiori

Dave Hakkens sent us his latest concept, which is also a tutorial, on how to reuse the materials resulting from the demolition of old buildings, or part of them, to create a new floor.

The inspiration comes from the method of terrazzo but, in this case, we will use the recycled materials in place of marble detritus, so we will have a perfect Rubble Floor.

“Usually when a building / bathroom / shed etc is completely demolished a new one takes its place. This is done without leaving any trace of what was there before, maybe a small picture on the wall, but that's it. I was interested in using materials from the old building in the new one.
I was inspired by the terrazzo floors. Although these floors are made up of waste products in the mines of marble, are really decent and have a good quality to see and hear. I wanted to find out if we could use our waste products in their demolishing something.
I did several tests with different materials and made a selection of what materials are possible, I used crumbled bricks and tiles as a pigment. Between 20-30% of cement is added to bind all, for a solid floor that can last 100 years.
In the end I gave 3 different examples of the result that could be had, but basically any combination is possible ... "










Rubble Floor from Dave Hakkens on Vimeo.

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