BUSSO / wall station "TipTop", design Marc Krusin

BUSSO / wall station "TipTop", design Marc Krusin it has been modified: 2011-08-11 di Benedetto Fiori

“Tiptop is a contemporary exploration of possibilities / necessities which at the same time revisits an archetype of furniture - the“ contained ”office in our homes. It is a theme of

constant research, that of how to work, or rather, that of the work plan. They are also themes that constantly change according to the needs of the moment. Efficiency in containing is an art, to which too little attention is usually paid. To design a compact place where you can work / do / contain, is therefore an extremely special concept for me and to be able to do it with ease and visual simplicity is a great satisfaction. I love this product! “Marc Krusin, for Busso Interior DesignApril 2011


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