Bopeep container with mirror and light designed by Roberto Paoli for Natevo

1 Roberto Paoli Bopeep Natevo
Bopeep container with mirror and light designed by Roberto Paoli for Natevo it has been modified: 2013-10-25 di jessica zannori

Bopeep is a multipurpose floor or wall that matches the most specific requirements.
In order to make more functional our spaces Roberto Paoli has created an object in line with the philosophy Natevo pushing designers to create hybrid products including lamps and furniture. Bopeep is a container with mirror and light, Can be used as mini library or positioned in the entrance area, in this case the slab mirror allows to look for the last time before exiting, the shelves, partially hidden by the mirror, are usable as svuotatasche, and finally the LED light that illuminates the environment.

An LED light source is placed in the back of the mirror. The light reflecting on the wall of the library, the shelves lights and objects placed on them by making them visible to the user. Bopeep is a place where you usually store items that often do not serve in the house, but that should be easily found when we go (keys, wallet ...).

The panel mirror is a curtain that goes to partially conceal anything that can be "unordered". However, considering that hide the shelves can mean not see its contents, here is the light intervene to prevent this.

Natevo analyzes projects, choose the best, them engineers and makes the prototype. If the prototype gets approval, or it is sponsored by the people, then it goes into production. Bopeep can be sponsored on the site

2 Roberto Paoli Bopeep Natevo

3 Roberto Paoli Bopeep Natevo

4 Roberto Paoli Bopeep Natevo

5 Roberto Paoli Bopeep Natevo

6 Roberto Paoli Bopeep Natevo

Roberto Paoli Bopeep-Natevo sketch

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