High-altitude cuisine: an Abimis in La Thuile

High-altitude cuisine: an Abimis in La Thuile it has been modified: 2019-02-19 di Cavalleri Communication

Whether expressed with the typical language of tradition or through signs of contemporary style, a mountain home must always respect in its appearance a series of silent dictates that emphasize its Alpine identity and create a warm 'Christmas-like' atmosphere .

This is the case of this cabin in La Thuile, a famous ski resort on the French border of the Val D'Aosta, where the architect Francesco Tirimbelli has re-designed in a contemporary key a true manifesto of the mountain costume, while retaining its warmest and most characteristic part. The result is an environment in part stripped of the accentuated warmth of the original structure, in favor of more subdued, neutral and luminous colors, but where numerous references remain to the territory and to the familiar alpine taste. Examples are the lamps, tables and other pieces of furniture in rough wood, or fur pours on the floor, or decorations with the typical mountain symbols.

At the center of the original project we find the kitchen, made by Abimis completely tailored to fit perfectly in the limited space available. Shaped to the millimeter, the U-shaped module is designed to interact, for example, with the window sills inside the windows, transformed into useful encumbrances to expose or preserve things. The large wardrobe, then, is completely hidden in the wall, for an extraordinary and minimal aesthetic result. Only a few cuts remain in the wall, to suggest its use.

To make the project unique, the skilful combination of different materials: the Abimis kitchen is in fact here declined in an imposing version with Carrara White Marble top, which reaches the incredible thickness of 200 mm in the peninsula. To give warmth to the kitchen block, a wooden lining made unique by a woven micro-texture inspired by the textile world. The kitchen as a functional element becomes a piece of furniture, in one with the living area of ​​which it recalls colors and style.

Abimis allows this and much more, because completely customizable, adaptable to any context and style, by size or choice of finishes. But that's not all: even the service, from the support in the design to the assembly, is sewn on the needs of the customer, to be complete and efficient, without limits.

The delivery of this kitchen to La Thuile, for example, has provided for a complex logistics. The cabin, at 2.200 meters of altitude, required the use of the gondola and a snowmobile, to get everything to the destination.




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