WallPepper® presents Nuances, the collection that makes surfaces delicate

Delicate pastel colors, soft abstract textures, romantic floral compositions and aquarelle settings define the Nuances collection by WallPepper®, a tribute to style, dreams and emotions.


nature 4000 by duka: the innovative profile that revolutionizes the world of shower enclosures

Nature 4000 is a performing and competitive collection, made unique by the formal cleaning of its lines, by the stability due to the safety glass from 6 mm


Bross presents Geta, the new complement that transforms the living into the home office ... and vice versa

Bross presents Geta, a new complement designed by Baldessari and Baldessari, designed for living environments that, when necessary, can be transformed into a home office.


High-altitude cuisine: an Abimis in La Thuile

A mountain house must always respect in its appearance a series of silent dictates that emphasize its Alpine identity and at the same time create a warm 'filo-Christmas' atmosphere.


Fabio Novembre chooses HI-MACS® for the project of the new Heinz Beck restaurant in City Life.

HI-MACS® in the Volcanics finish was used for the scenographic counter of "Attimi", the new casual restaurant of the starred chef Heinz Beck in City Life, Milan.