Balance in water

Balance in water it has been modified: 2012-06-06 di Francesca Castenetto

Cristina Rubinetterie, company in the Gozzano Novara and operates in the taps sector, will be present at the IED in Rome for the event "Water in Balance", organized to present projects realized by IED students for the company.
The Cristina company has always believed in the value of innovation by constantly investing in research and development on a technical level and in product evolution through the aid of design.
With a view to the promotion of young talent, Cristina has started at the beginning of the academic year with a design school IED Lab Design in Rome on the theme "tap: the body, space and object" with the aim of creating an innovative faucet for the bathroom environment.

The project was developed by students of 24 three-year course of Product Design under the guidance of Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza study angeletti ruzza design that invited students to reflect on the interaction between the body, space and object, on emotional needs of the people, related to the company and its changes, the potential of the technology and production constraints.
To understand the philosophy Cristina, students were invited to visit the headquarters and production company, where they were able to see up close how to produce a tap and learned to appreciate the quality and detail of the project.
The enthusiasm of the students, resulted from the synergistic collaboration with the company and with the teachers, it is perceptible from their projects that communicate ideas and innovative forms.

The 32 taps designed by IED students will undergo a prestigious jury.
Cristina will award the three best projects with a scholarship worth a total of EUR 10.000.
In the splendid setting of the courtyard of the headquarters of Via Alcamo, the 7 June will be set up in which projects to reward and give visibility to young designers' creations.

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