"SENSOUNICO": A "MEDITATION KIT" TO ENHANCE THE TASTING OF BEER it has been modified: 2019-09-02 di Elena Brunati

Created by 32 Via dei Birrai and signed by JoeVelluto, the island “sight and touch” to amplify the senses most functional to tasting.

"Sensounico" signed by JoeVelluto for the Company 32 Via Dei Birrai is not a simple tasting kit, but a "meditation kit".

Previewed on the occasion of the Fuorisalone event EustachiORA_Vino & Design "I Cinque Sensi" - the project curated by Studio Marco Piva, which involved the wine bars of the neighborhood around via Eustachi in a 6-stage path enhancing the concept of "drinking" by linking it to design, civilization and the culture of drinking - the project was designed to taste beer by isolating sight and touch and enhancing only the senses that really serve to savor the drink: smell and taste.

The kit includes a brand new "balloon" glass, fully opaque, specially made by the glass master Massimo Lunardon to savor the aromas; some accessories such as gloves - to limit the sense of touch -, ear plugs - to muffle the sense of hearing - and a mask - to obscure the sense of sight; and a special oak box.

A project that the Studio JoeVelluto wished to sign with a partner who for years has been involved in supporting projects that benefit blind people.

A journey into the world of design and wine: a sensory journey in which we explore how our senses intertwine and influence the world of wine and design, giving life to projects that - at every stage - allow us to discover, stimulate and satisfy our senses.

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