SLICES: DESIGN animalistic!

slices head trophy 01
SLICES: DESIGN animalistic! it has been modified: +2014 di Giulia Daluiso- reportage

SLICES® head trophy are simple "slices" (slices) of PVC foam that through an easy and interlocking become magical animals to hang on the walls, interior and exterior:

deer, t-rex and unicorn are the first 3 subjects born from the creativity of Way-out, Group of designers from Friuli, and the production of Made in Italy Elleti.

You can choose the favorite animal but also a wide range of decors ranging from white to the minimal camouflage patterns and flag stars-and-stripes.

Models and variants are all available on the website and arrive home in a cardboard packaging designed specifically to be lightweight and compact (50x50cm and thickness of only 2-4cm).

Every creature SLICES® is environmentally friendly: it is 100% recyclable both in the plastic part, both in packaging cardboard.

slices head trophy 02


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