Michio Narumiya for Laminam / collection Andy

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Michio Narumiya for Laminam / collection Andy it has been modified: 2013-05-09 di jessica zannori

Three dimensional graphic sign and decided characterize Andy, The new collection born from the Laminam and the young Japanese designer Michio Narumiya, Whose intuition has been turned into reality thanks to materials research and innovation of production processes implemented by the company. The surfaces are decorated with Andy a plot iridescent in which light emphasizes the depth of matter, creating color variations refined and surprising. The plot is inspired by the natural world in order to obtain an irregular extremely scenic, which changes depending on the vantage point. The decoration is not simply "applied" on the surface, but it was possible to achieve this result unpublished going to change the structure of the slab, with a variation of 1 mm upwards and downwards 1 mm, obtained in very small thickness.

Entering the heart of technological process of production Laminam plate, was obtained through successive experiments, a unique effect, exciting and poetic, a particular vibration of matter that comes to life under the glare of the light and expressing the most of its potential expressive exteriors. A surprising result and of particular impact, especially in view of the reduced thickness and the extension of the surface. The range, Declined initially in cool colors - coal, ice and pearl - will later be complemented by a series with a warmer tone.

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