Diesel With Foscarini / DUII MINI

Diesel With Foscarini / DUII MINI it has been modified: 2012-04-18 di jessica zannori

The base that recalls the paw of a duck, like the Disney character that inspired the name, and the diffuser in the shape of a headlight of a historic car have made Duii's success Diesel with Foscarini, A lamp fun and playful that aims under the guise of a mechanical object disassembled and assembled at will.

The immediate sympathy aroused by Duii is now transferred to a mini version, designed for bedside but also wall use, flexible - thanks to the free cable - and easily transportable. The diffuser in pressed glass and metal stimulates the imagination and lends itself to different interpretations: in fact, in addition to the headlights of a vintage car, it also recalls a workman's helmet, with a dip in the industrial world, or a shaved head with a single central crest, like that of a Mohican, the historic symbol of Diesel in its punk and rebellious meaning. The lamp, which guarantees direct and focused lighting, finds its ideal location in a home with a young style.

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Duii Mini reduces the size but not the mood fun and distinctive personality, highlighted by two proposals colors: yellow, a nod to the signs to "work in progress", or dark gray, which emphasizes more the industrial mood. Always with an ironic style and unmistakable Diesel with Foscarini.


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