Crealev: flying objects identified

Crealev: flying objects identified it has been modified: 2012-04-19 di jessica zannori

By the fantasy and the technological expertise of Dutch designers Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen, the objects of our daily lives are transformed into real works of art galleggianti.Con the aid of a special device with magnetic levitation can be maintained in suspension of any object, or almost (objects weighing between 0 and 10Kg).

To date, were made lamps levitation, exhibitors for jewelry, watches and staging of exhibitions and shops in general.

Emerging artists have made use of this device for the construction of floating art installations. Do not be surprised, in the near future, see beds and chairs float in our homes. With Crealev takes off even the imagination!

Crealev products are marketed in Italy by the Bread & Style brand (




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