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Functionality and aesthetics are the winning combination that distinguishes the projects presented by Andro Design at MACEF MILAN. On the occasion of the International Home Show, Andro Design presented its new collections: A-Series and Lampa; two projects that tell a design idea that speaks of features, where the main purpose in making each product to achieve the best combination of aesthetics, form and use. With a unique exhibition of its kind, the Andro Design booth did immerse their visitors in a world made of plastic materials, lights and shadows, colors and transparencies. The first collection,

A-Series, comes from the desire to reinterpret three of the most used objects - a portfolio, a document holder and a bag - with the intent to make the lives of each of lighter, fresher and more original. Here then that the three protagonists of this project, A-Mon (the portfolio), A-Doc (the document) and A-Bag (bag), have so distorted forms svecchiate that the coins are found in external pockets for your wallet be found more easily and not accumulated, cards and identity cards are kept in a semi-transparent compartments for documents and magnetic where it is easy to find everything, and the bag has a zipper that allows it to change shape depending on the needs and the time of day. All this has been made of PVC, plastic absolutely unusual and original for this kind of objects.

Also in the second collection, Lamps, are the forms and materials that make them unique, fun and original all the lamps of the series. In fact, the careful observer will be impressed not only by light games and the effects of light and shadows generated by these products, but will find that the materials used to make these lamps are the simplest: it is cable tightening clamp for all three versions of Faslamp (Cube, Oval, Jelly) or keep the CD holder in the case of Cube CD. Once again, the daily necessity of illuminating a space in a fun and always different, which dictates the need to have lamps with shapes which lend themselves both to be hung or supported on the ground, whose light can be modulated or with variable colors.

Functionality, aesthetics and innovation are therefore central to the philosophy of this company, which ranks as an advocate of quality and guarantee Made in Italy. Andro Design was in fact created by a group of creative designers, Andrea Giordani, and a business consultant, Andrea Campagnoli. The Foreign and creative ideas of one, combined with the experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of the other, make each creation made with this brand wants to offer, through careful aesthetic research, solutions that meet the real needs of everyday life .

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