Roberto Giacomucci for “from nest to shell” at SUN 2011 in Rimini

Roberto Giacomucci for “from nest to shell” at SUN 2011 in Rimini it has been modified: 2011-10-20 di jessica zannori

Even this year Octagon, In collaboration with the SUN-International Outdoor Exhibition, To be held at Rimini Fair from the 20 22 October, proposes the project again "From nest to shell", Launching a new challenge to the design world outdoor: Use the stone, noble and ancient material, to create street furniture.

Roberto Giacomucci participates with Buky, Carpet and Pebble, made by StaminalStone, Senigallia (AN). Designed for Senigallia, the projects respond to the need to create stopping places for the numerous bicycles present. In the three proposals, the stone material is flanked by a modern and rational design that facilitates its placement in the most diverse contexts. The design derives from an accurate analysis of the territory, which includes both the historical and architectural context and the link with the elements derived from nature (the sea and the river). The chosen material is Carrara marble, in the Bardiglio, Calacata Vaticano and Paonazzo variants.





Pebble. It takes up the morphology of the stones found near the sea and the cobblestones typical of many historic centers. The simplicity of the shape, in marble and metal, offers innumerable possibilities of arrangement in the spaces.




Buky. The 'perforated' structure of this bicycle support recalls the stones pierced by lithophagous molluscs and allows greater adaptability of use. It is designed for single or multiplication use, both on the waterfront and in the urban environment.






Carpet. Multiple bike rack designed primarily for the waterfront. Born from the technological exasperation of marble that creates a wavy effect in memory of the movement of the sea.

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