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Spazioteca Pianca: freedom 'in Creative Living

SPAZIOTECA 1 GENERAL Social Design Magazine
Spazioteca Pianca: freedom 'in Creative Living it has been modified: 2014-05-20 di Benedict Flowers

Pianca expands its range of systems with Spazioteca, furnishing a project that gives creative freedom and stimulates the imagination of composition for living spaces.

Spazioteca is a wall system particularly versatile thanks to the multiple possibilities of composition. Placed on the ground or suspended, Spazioteca can be enriched with sliding doors and storage units with door that make the system fully flexible and adaptable to every need.

The structure is available in matt black and gray, matt lacquered in 28 colors, burgundy and gutter while the fronts in matt, gloss and open pore 28 colors, wood, glass, mirror or stone.

SPAZIOTECA 5 GENERAL Social Design Magazine

Spazioteca Boston Social Design Magazine

spazioteca 1 Social Design MagazineSpazioteca 5 Social Design Magazine

Spazioteca Social Design Magazine

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