Grandes ideas para salones pequeños

El tamaño cares, at the menos en decoración, but not so much as an insuperable dificult, a salon pequeño no es inconveniente para que mare práctico.

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The decoration of the walls of the living room with art prints

In a home that suffers from low light, with walls and furniture too dark, we can revolutionize these sensations using visually stunning paintings.

design News

Spazioteca di Pianca: creative freedom in Living

Pianca expands its range of systems with Spazioteca, a furnishing project that gives great creative freedom and stimulates the compositional imagination for living environments.


Tham & Arkitekter Videgård: Hotel Tree

Here are some photographs of Tree Hotel di Tham & Videgård Arkitekter , a mirror glass box suspended around a tree trunk in Harads, northern Sweden. The 4x4x4 meter cube is accessible from the rope bridge and reflects the surrounding forest and sky.


MULTIPLE, organizing your living space

Da HeyTeam, "Multiplo", takes the form of different furnishings to best fit your interior. It can be a table, a bed, living room, sitting and much more to help you organize your living space.