SIRECOM Carpets Italy. New HORTA and FILIGRANA collections

The company specializing in the creation of custom-made rugs offers two new ranges with a minimalist design, suitable for the contract world.


Designing a living space with wallpaper: decoration and acoustic comfort at your fingertips

Decorating the living space with wallpaper can radically transform the atmosphere of an environment, allowing you to express its personality and arouse vivid emotions.


Small, convivial and prestigious: Falper reinvents living kitchens

Falper presents Small Living Kitchens, an unprecedented concept that revolutionizes the way of living the kitchen in small, prestigious homes.

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SIRECOM presents the new SHOGI collection

The discreet charm of the new trends in handcrafted modern rugs by Sirecom.


The carpet according to SIRECOM. New symphonies for contemporary living

Giving a unique identity to the most diverse environments is an exciting experience thanks to the custom-made services offered by the company that has been operating in the name of craftsmanship and personalization since 1976.