multiples of architecture: the contest organized by the Allestimenti srl group

multiples of architecture: the contest organized by the Allestimenti srl group it has been modified: 2013-06-05 di Benedict Flowers

Grand Masters and Young Talents: That's how Productions Srl, the network that includes the brands Publistand, Standitalia and Jave and specializes in the design and construction of exhibition stands and display solutions, has its own contribution to the flow of ideas by providing new impetus to the field of display solutions.

The project MULTIPLE d'ARCHITECTURE is formed by two initiatives involving one part Great Teachers who have studied the concept and the innovative aspect of the activity to create "multiple copyright" for exhibition areas and showrooms, and the other a competition for new talent.

Always attentive to anticipate the market with innovative ideas and cutting-edge tools, the Group Arrangements involving the Grand Masters, major names on the international scene that they deliver to the business concept of "multiple copyright". Alessandro Colombo (Studio Cerri), Mario Cucinella, Michele de Lucchi, Alessandro Mendini, Marc Sadler, Denis Santachiara, have indeed studied various concept of "stand reproducible", ie fitting replicable and adaptable to various spaces and display requirements.

The competition of MULTIPLE ARCHITECTURE is an initiative aimed at identifying new talent in the fields of architecture -Design -Graphics, capable of bringing significant proposals in the context of the exhibition techniques made with unusual materials and original.

Divided into three sections, Architecture, Design and Graphics, the competition Multiple Architecture aims to search for new solutions to architectural matrix, according Sensunels merceologiche.Filosofia different requirements, guidelines, culture and knowledge of the subject proposal are also key elements to the basis of the project.

Participation is open to students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of three-year and five-year courses of study in all of Italy, and graduates from not more than five years in Architecture in Design or Graphic. To enter the competition you must register on the site and fill out the form with the required data.

Will make up the jury of renowned architects, publishers of trade press and design engineers. The jury will select and evaluate the material in competition, expressing their opinion on the projects.

The winning projects, together with other projects reported as deserving, will be exhibited at Made Expo 2013 and become "key features" of a catalog of proposals for exhibitions, as well as being proposed enterprise customers Productions Ltd. for their exhibitions.
The projects of the Masters and the winning projects of the competition will prototipatial order to appreciate its architectural originality and the materials used.

Thanks to the conception and promotion of this initiative, Gruppo Allestimenti srl confirms itself as a company attentive to the theme of the design and implementation of display solutions, raising awareness of the reference sector, while at the same time bringing added value to the Exhibition product.

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