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The project takes place on an area of ​​50 Sm. In a three-storey building overlooking the lake.

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The technical knowledge and design of Oikos are the roots from which new life Borna. The newkitchenconcept of Oikos is Treestyle, designed by fashion designer Antonio Giacometti, able to translate into reality the concept of a kitchen with soft image, but very strong in conceptual. Emerging from the ground with an aluminum shaft cylindrical impressive. I'ts branches, aluminum meleted, which rotates around the central shaft and supporting the work plans that eclipse each other, creating a play of spaces and forms evolving.
Accessories, sink, hob, extractor and tables, are "living Treestyle" with all the charisms ergonomic and fits perfectly curved lines of rotating shelves.

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Suspension lamp with diffuser outer diameter 520 mm transparent polycarbonate, transparent red and yellow. The inner shell, polycarbonate opal, serves as protection for the bulb and diffuses the light in a diffuse manner. Also available with a diffuser full color white and black. The internal speaker is always just white.

Home Collection
Natural wood floors Artisan 1L Woven x 19 190 1,5 cm ×
Natural wood

It is difficult to find a material that can match in terms of the quality natural wood floors, a noble material of great beauty and able to decorate spaces. L'Antic Colonial offers a wide variety of fine woods, as the French oak or maple and cherry in North America, but also other more common as the Central European beech or oak. Similarly, the exotic wood from tropical confers a high resistance to moisture and flexibility to wood flooring offered by Group companies in their catalogo.Inoltre Porcelanosa, wood L'Antic Colonial is posing with an advanced system collocation called Quick-Lock, that allows an installation quick and clean, without the need to use glue and / or strokes and with a greater fixing of the various parts.

Wire leads to 55 Lualdi

Equipped with a swing honeycomb, this line of doors combines the simplicity of a sleek surface.
Through the joke overturned and open inwards, the wire 55 acquires a refined effect of linearity with the sides of the corridor.
Available in the new elegant finishes, matt, gloss and woods, the door assumes a nature versatile and adapts to masonry, drywall and wall systems furniture.

Furniture Studio Design Ivan Saccomani 2

Group Bed. SuGiu Design Ivan Saccomani

BED SuGiu Design Ivan Saccomani
The bed goes down to the ground, from the ceiling with two bins fixed to the ceiling with an electric mechanism controlled by remote control, keeping the living space of the house.

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Arne B & B Italy

Number of elements created to equip the sofas arne and broaden the quality furnishing: a libreriaverticale, a lower swivel, a horizontal container, which can live alone or be combined with a work plan, can also be used as back-couch because they can follow the 'curved, and a low table. They are all characterized by the use of curved wood and a game of full and empty, associated with support in steel rod, making them visually light.

Special bed with liftable SuGiu insertion spotlights Led Osram
Floor lamp molded polyethylene rotomoulding produces a diffuse light thanks to white opal.
Its linear shape makes it ideal to decorate and illuminate the different scenarios: the poolside terrace in the city, but also the inside of a house.
Practical to move can be placed in environments where it is necessary to quickly change the context in function of the needs.
WOW 321
Wow it is a system dipouf shapes round, square or rectangular and give a touch ironic and casual environments and collective households. Available in a choice of fabrics and colors, have padding in polyurethane foam fire retardant.
The EGON plate is characterized by curved flat tubes that recall a wavy pattern with a great effect of softness and harmony. The radiant tube that determines the shape of Egon is slightly larger than the traditional flat tube: the increased breadth of the tube, rendered imperceptible by the curvature, increases the emission of heat, thus providing greater heat output. The plate Egon can be used both vertically and horizontally.


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Monolith is the new concept of heating that revolutionizes the traditional concept of the bath-warming.
An idea by Fabrizio Batoni was born Stone, the complete fusion of heat and water gives rise to a heating solution that allows in only a small space to furnish andheating the bathroom.
The radiator becomes the star, positioned alcentro room, is embellished with a whole new context.
Monolith combines the complete melting of the taps and heated towel rails in the shower head, in a single product The Standing elegantly integrates the overhead steel and fittings, creating a minimal line adaptable to different types of bathroom.
Lavasca Mini - Black Rapsel.Vasca of free-standing bath made cristalplant, white or matt black and Stone Portuguese stopper Up & Down. You need to be delivered by an external. BASIN of Rapsel made staves diLarice solid solution allows it to be installed in existing bathrooms, thanks to the standard sizes available. System towels made of larch wood. Its characteristic is to conceal the elements newspapers of the bath creating support surfaces or sitting.


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