Rome: A Treasure of Design and Art in a Diplomat's Apartment

At the Diplomat's House Diplomats House ©Serena Eller
Living room ©Serena Eller Bretagne sofas by Frau; French deco armchairs from the 40s; floor lamp, ancient Venetian lantern; custom bookcase in Tuscan Red by Little Greene; work of the young South African artist Bronwyn Katz.
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130 m02 apartment located in the Flaminio district of Rome, renovated by the XNUMXA architecture studio for the diplomat Alfonso Tagliaferri. The home combines contemporary design, artwork and travel treasures, creating a unique and fascinating space.

In the heart of the elegant Flaminio district in Rome, a few steps from prestigious cultural institutions such as the MAXXI Museum and the National Gallery of Modern Art, there is an apartment that tells a unique story of design and life. This 130 square meter space, located on the ground floor of a sumptuous building dating back to the twentieth century, has been transformed by the emerging architecture and design studio 02A ( in a place that goes beyond the ordinary concept of home. It became the home of the diplomat Alfonso Tagliaferri, a man without a country due to his work, who was looking for a private refuge where he could return after his missions abroad.

This project was not just a renovation, but a journey into the memory and aspirations of the client. The architecture firm, led by co-founders Marco Rulli and Thomas Grossi, worked closely with Tagliaferri to create a space that reflected his personality and experiences.

The interiors of this apartment are a fascinating mix of artistic memorabilia and handcrafted objects from around the world, including South Africa and the Philippines. Each object tells a story, making the environments even richer and more captivating.

The heart of this renovation is the sleeping area, conceived as a suite with an open space bathroom. A large volume with a smoked mirror surface expands the space and allows natural light to flow abundantly through the three large windows facing south-west.

The main entrance of the apartment leads to the living area, where a glass wall cuts through the large decorative plaster barrel vaults of the living room and kitchen. The walls are painted a vibrant Tuscan Red by Little Greene. The kitchen is a design masterpiece, with white and ocher yellow wall units that recall the decorative motifs of the 20×20 grit floor. The central island and the top are made of brushed granite, and on the kitchen scullery a phrase is engraved in Esperanto which reads: “Noblas tiu, kiu staras signature en siaj ideoj, sed noblas eĉ pli tiu, kiu kapablas ilin ŝanĝi” (Who is firm in his ideas is noble, but whoever is able to change them is even more noble).

A restored solid oak parquet creates an eclectic backdrop in the lounge, where leather Bretagne di Frau sofas and French deco armchairs from the 40s share space with an antique Venetian lantern and works of art on the walls. Natural light floods the room through the French window which opens onto the large private garden. This garden, with direct access from the Lungotevere, is furnished with deckchairs, lush plants and the shade of a large palm tree.

An arched passage with a custom-made bookcase leads to a more intimate dining area. Neutral walls highlight the family's antique furniture and artwork, including a tapestry by Igshaan Adams and “Classroom” by Pascale Marthine Tayou. An Illan birch pendant lamp by Luceplan hangs above a glass table and vintage chairs from the 50s, creating a continuous dialogue between past, present and future.

A curved wall marks the entrance to the most private area of ​​the apartment. Here, a powder room with a suspended ceramic tub and black marble surfaces presents itself as a cabinet of curiosities, surrounded by Cole & Son's "Palm Jungle" wallpaper and travel objects and handcrafted Vienna straw sconces .

On the other side, there is a studio with two souls: one dedicated to cinematographic art, with vintage theater chairs and a projector hidden on the ceiling, and the other for moments of writing and intelligent work, with the Helsinki desk by Desalto and the iconic Serbelloni armchair by Vico Magistretti for De Padova.

The master bedroom, with a private en suite bathroom, is the heart of the apartment. The “Ukiyo” wallpaper by Nobilis on the custom-made wardrobe doors mixes with the immaterial cubic volume that hides the services. Thanks to the layered glaze resin of the decorator Franco Casi Melcarne, the environment finds its own visual and formal unity from which the tub and shower area of ​​the bathroom area take shape.

This renovation project by 02A is a stunning example of how contemporary design, art and travel treasures can blend with natural materials and bold full-color hues. But there is something even more special: the lush green of indoor plants that enrich every room, creating an open and intimate space at the same time. This is the refuge of a citizen of the world, a diplomat who has found a home that reflects his extraordinary life and his love of beauty.

At Casa del Diplomatico plan

project info

PROJECT NAME: House of the Diplomat
STREET ADDRESS: Flaminio district, Rome
ARCHITECT: 02A (Thomas Grossi, Marco Rulli)
PROJECT TEAM: Thomas Grossi, Marco Rulli, Alessandro Fuoti
UNDERTAKING: Giachini srl by Francesco Giachini
CLIENT: Alfonso Tagliaferri
DATE: October 2021
PROJECT AREA: 130 m60 + XNUMX mXNUMX (garden)

Water/sanitary material: Edilflaminio
Carpentry: Mattia Migliorati
Window restoration: Castellarin
Painting: Franco Casi Melcarne
Kitchen worktops and bathroom coverings: I frioli marmi
Kitchen and bathroom furniture: Ramundo furnishings
Furnishings and lighting: Fortuna Roma

FURNISHING ELEMENTS: See image captions

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