Residence and guest house in an 18th century manor | Ren Ito Arq.

residence and guest house in an 18th century manor, Ren Ito Arq
Residence and guest house in an 18th century manor | Ren Ito Arq. it has been modified: 2021-08-16 di Benedetto Fiori

In an old 18th century manor the existing buildings have been renovated and converted into a residence and guest house.

Calçada House is located in Vila de Paraíso, in the north of Portugal. There were existing 18th century houses and several outbuildings and trees in an old manor of 5000m2. The space was divided by the buildings scattered throughout the project site and each part was conceived as a unique place. They were renovated to serve as a residence and guest house.

After passing the reconstructed entrance gate, the access path appears under the vine trellises. This access path leads visitors to the extended part with an entrance and a bedroom. We can see the path to the guest house and the stair hall from the entrance hall.

Ground floor of the main house there are public spaces such as the living room or office while the private spaces such as the bedroom and bathroom are on the second floor. The main house has a cross plan with the space of the stairs in the center.

The entertainment space is on the north side, the lobby is on the east side, the office is on the south side and the living room and kitchen are on the west side of the ground floor stairwell. On the second floor there is a double bedroom, bathroom and closet on the north side, the bedrooms are on the east and south side.

Note the grassy garden to the north and a courtyard under the vines to the south divided from the living room with large windows. The living room has trusses in wood and has a fireplace and a kitchen at either end. Laundry, cellar, wine cellar, guest rooms and gym are in the annex.

Guest house with swimming pool

The Guest house has 2 floors connected by stairs. There are living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor. The second floor has a bedroom and a bathroom. The guest house annex contains a changing room for the swimming pool, a bathroom and a tool shed for garden maintenance. An outdoor kitchen and a swimming pool are at the service of the Guest house.

project info

Project name: Casa da Calçada | Calçada House
Architecture Office: Ren Ito Arq.
Collaborators: Diana Todorova, João Ramos, Rita Gomes, Yuko Inoue, Bernardo Faria, Elodie Marimba, Maria Milicková, Sofia Augusto, Michela Piddiu, Mogan Dano, Claudia Antal, Inês Ferrão, Jan Binter, Nuno Carvalho Rodrigues, Silvia Snopková, Aws Omran, Urban Vamberger
Engineering: A400
Lighting production: Opolab (
Instagram: @ren_ito_arq
Location: Porto
Year of conclusion: 2020
total area: 700m2
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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