Flowers and architecture intertwine in a journey into organic beauty, “Pátios de Pétalas” house

Flowers and architecture intertwine in a journey into organic beauty. Patios de Petalas house. Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier
Flowers and architecture intertwine in a journey into organic beauty, “Pátios de Pétalas” house it has been modified: 2023-06-15 di Benedetto Fiori

Casa “Pátios de Pétalas” captures the essence of nature with an organic design and the use of light materials such as glass, aluminum and wood. Inside, the spaces flow seamlessly, with an eye for detail and natural lighting.

The “Pátios de Pétalas” house, a design masterpiece created by Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier, is much more than just a home. It is an architectural work of art that harmoniously blends organic aesthetics with modern functionality. Inspired by the beauty of flowers and the poetry of nature, this house conveys a unique and enveloping atmosphere.

From the first glance, it is evident that the “Pátios de Pétalas” house was conceived as a flower that opens up to the surrounding world. The U-shaped glass exterior walls allow natural light to filter in, creating a feeling of continuity between the interior and exterior spaces. Like the petals of a flower gently embracing the center, the curved walls inside the house delineate the spaces and guide the flow of energy.

To further highlight the organic inspiration, three main materials have been chosen: white, which represents the petals of the flower, aluminum and glass. This combination of materials gives the petals greater expressiveness and tangible presence. The lower floor, predominantly composed of U-shaped glass walls, creates a bright and open environment, while organic white dominates the architectural landscape.

Inside the house "Pátios de Pétalas" there is an atmosphere of serenity and harmony. The choice of pastel colors and "raw" shades creates a relaxing and welcoming environment. The furniture, made from natural materials, embodies simplicity and informal comfort. Neutral fabrics and colors help to create a warm and enveloping atmosphere, while touches of pastel green are found on the chairs to recall the color of the kitchen furniture and the wallpaper in the living room.

Every detail has been carefully taken care of to create a harmonious connection with nature. Bamboo coffee tables, wicker lamps and vases, dried flowers with shades ranging from orange to lilac add touches of color and vitality to the rooms. The use of "antique gold" in some elements, such as pendulum lamps and mirrors, gives a touch of sophistication and nobility.

The stairs, which represent the beating heart of the house, connect the different floors and create a feeling of continuity and fluidity. The three suites, each with its own patio, offer a private retreat where residents can retreat and relax. Each suite has been carefully designed for comfort and coziness, with a four-poster bed in the master suite embodying elegance and romance. The wooden bedside tables and wicker lamps, with their simple and natural design, add a touch of warmth and authenticity to the space.

The little girl's room is a real dream for a little princess. The cozy bed invites you to dream and imagine, while the full-length mirror reflects the light from the large patio, creating a luminous and magical atmosphere. It is a space designed to inspire the imagination and stimulate the creativity of the little ones.

The “Pátios de Pétalas” house is much more than just a house. It is a place where architecture and nature meet, where aesthetics and functionality merge into a single emotional experience. It is an invitation to slow down the frenetic pace of modern life and to rediscover deep contact with the beauty and harmony that surround us.

Through organic design and attention to detail, Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier has created a home that goes beyond the physical walls and opens up to the outside world. The sunlight, the colors of the flowers and the sound of nature permeate every corner, creating an atmosphere of serenity and well-being.

The “Pátios de Pétalas” house is an invitation to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, to rediscover the poetry hidden in the little things and to cultivate our connection with nature. It is an enchanting retreat that reminds us of the importance of nourishing our souls and living in harmony with our surroundings.

project info

Project name: House “Pátios de Petalas”
Architecture Office: Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier
Main Architect: Sandra Micaela Casinha
Location: Gondomar, Porto, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2023
total area: 230.00 m2
Builder: Prestige works
Engineering: Jorge de Andrade Leite engenharias
Interiors Team: Sandra Micaela Casinha atelier
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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