Casa AB by m12 AD: an alternation of glossy and opaque, warm colors and metallic reflections for a flat designed as a casket

Casa AB by m12 AD: an alternation of glossy and opaque, warm colors and metallic reflections for a flat designed as a casket it has been modified: 2018-10-11 di Benedict Flowers

A skilful work of exaltation of the interior, redefinition of the same, to give space and a contemporary look to an apartment built in the years' 70.

For the Casa AB project, of m12 AD, the architect Michelangelo Olivieri has focused on two fronts: on the composition of the spaces and on the mixing of different material patterns.

The client, a young couple waiting for their first child, had shown the need to make an old apartment modern and usable, with the typical architectural composition of the 70 years: a long corridor leading to the rooms located on the right. A dense succession of openings without compositional rhythm, the first of which was the bedroom, located directly opposite the front door.

The restructuring intervention focused on creating a clear distinction between the sleeping area and the living area. The openings have in fact been hidden by a wall that opens through an almost invisible door on a hallway that leads to the master bathroom, the walk-in closet and the bedroom. In this way, whoever enters, is faced with an all-bronze "forced passage", which visually and immediately brings to the large living area, designed as an open space and consisting of a full-height kitchen in natural oak and Stone Italiana in the Superwhite variant, made dynamic by an ottoman-colored sofa that visually breaks the symmetry of colors.

The sleeping area in this way, appears as enclosed in this metal casket, made visually continuous and without joints from flush doors and integrated skirting. To complete the work, large retractable cupboards have been inserted into the supporting wall.


In the apartment coexist different textural consistencies: the cold bronze one, made of resin, the polished rigor of the Italian Stone (used for the top and the doors of the island), which are contrasted by the enveloping warmth of the knotted oak, in which also made the kitchen table, the sucupira parquet and the velvet of the sofa. The design of the living area is even more sophisticated, adding the elegance of black, which stands out on the hob and in the TV cabinet, which incorporates a fireplace inside.

The same refined color palette is replicated in the sleeping area. In fact, in the bedroom, we find the octane color applied to the main wall, as opposed to the visual and material softness of a dark brown suede bed. Walnut chest of drawers and bedside tables bring a distinct black glass to the surface. Bronze gives light through the suspensions.



Black is the absolute protagonist of the master bathroom: the dark tones of the stoneware cladding and the black resin, combined with the "dressed" sanitary ware with the same colors, give this room a particular uniqueness. Equally exclusive is the choice to create a large bathtub-shower with a rain shower head and integrated chromotherapy on the ceiling and a washbasin with the same peculiarities, where black alternates with wood. Taps and radiators strictly black complete the look of great soirée.


The whole apartment reflects the criteria of energy efficiency, also thanks to the systems of home automation and lighting installed in it.

An illuminating system created by strips of remote LEDs housed in the false ceiling gorges and integrated LED spotlights, offers different lighting scenarios in all areas of the apartment. The home automation system, on the other hand, allows heat / cold management from remote applications on smartphones, such as boiler ignition and the evaluation of energy consumption "loads".

Maximum comfort combined with high technology for a unique and sophisticated environment.


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