Quaderna Collection by Superstudio: radical design is renewed with new elements

The Quaderna Collection by Superstudio, created in the 70s, expands with new elements, maintaining the bold checkered aesthetic and the radical design concept.

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Supersalone 2021: LAGO presents a preview of three new products that play with the transparency of glass

Madia 36e8 Glass, Madia NOW and Meet Table, designed by Daniele Lago, are some of the new products that LAGO will be showing at Supersalone in Milan from 5 to 10 September.


LOVE sideboard the poster sideboard that talks about love designed by Fabio Novembre for Driade

The LOVE sideboard designed by Fabio Novembre for Driade is a poster that spreads a message of love. It is a modern sideboard in lacquered MDF with clean lines, a parallelepiped whose minimalism is denied by the expressiveness of the word "LOVE".

Salone del Mobile 2015

MADIA ADDITION, design by Egidio Panzera for Reflections

“Sometimes, to innovate, it is necessary to start from what is known, to break down, divide and recompose in a different way, with new forms”.


Marcel, the sideboard in wood and steel inspired by the modern movement

Marcel is an elegant sideboard made of wood and metal tubing inspired by the canons of the Modern Movement which developed between the two great wars.