Quaderna Collection by Superstudio: radical design is renewed with new elements

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Quaderna Collection by Superstudio: radical design is renewed with new elements it has been modified: 2023-08-25 di Benedetto Fiori

The Quaderna Collection by Superstudio, created in the 70s, expands with new elements, maintaining the bold checkered aesthetic and the radical design concept. Items include a mirror inspired by the search for infinite surfaces, a functional TV cabinet and a dining room sideboard.

In the years between 1969 and 1972, the group of architects known as Superstudio created one of the most iconic and revolutionary furniture collections in the world of design: the Quaderna Collection. Produced by Zanotta since 1972, this series of furnishings has been recognized as an authentic manifesto of radical design, a movement that has challenged the conventions of traditional design and embraced innovation, experimentation and conceptual audacity.

Expansion with new elements

Today, the Quaderna Collection expands further, welcoming three new products that expand the functions and product types already present in the checkered furniture system. This new introduction includes a mirror, a low storage unit for the living room and a sideboard, all characterized by the distinctive checkered aesthetic.

Quaderna mirror: reflections of infinity

The Quaderna mirror is inspired by a sculpture module known as the "Mirror Measurer", used by the group's architects to study the effects of a continuous and seemingly infinite surface. The structure of the module is embellished with a white Print laminate plated wooden frame with a digital print of black squares that follow a 3 cm spacing. This freestanding mirror is both a style statement and a testament to the profound conceptual thinking behind each piece in the collection.

Quaderna container element: checked functionality

The Quaderna container element, designed for the living area, is a versatile piece of furniture, ideal as a TV stand. Its structure plated in Print laminate, white with black checks, houses four hinged doors. The interior is finished with black laminate, and the internal shelves, made of 10 mm thick tempered glass, can be adjusted as needed. Cable openings on the backrest add a touch of practicality.

Quaderna sideboard: combining aesthetics and utility

The Quaderna sideboard, dedicated to the dining room, embodies the union between aesthetics and functionality. The white structure, laminated with the typical black check pattern, encloses two hinged doors. Also in this case, the interiors are finished with black laminate and the internal shelves in tempered glass are adjustable. With its dimensions of 102x42x105 cm, the sideboard represents a piece of furniture of refined elegance.

The art of artisanal industrialization

The Quaderna Series products are not just examples of design, but represent a fascinating synthesis between advanced industrial processes and scrupulous craftsmanship. The checkered laminate, specially created by Print based on a design by Superstudio, is a technical masterpiece. Each single piece is applied manually, following a precise order that requires hours of work to perfect.

The interaxis of the squared lines, which at first glance seems random, is actually the result of elaborate planning. This arrangement of lines creates an optical effect of continuity, resulting in squared surfaces that seem to extend in all three dimensions. The furnishings are therefore visually distinct, with well-defined edges that catch the eye.

A tribute to creative complexity

The precision required to create this intricate arrangement makes Quaderna pieces unique and inimitable. The millimetric joints even prevent the legs from separating from the top, confirming the attention to detail and dedication to the original idea. This complexity is an inseparable part of the pieces' identity, preserving the creative vision and uniqueness of the radical design movement embodied by the Quaderna Collection.

Ultimately, Superstudio's Quaderna Collection continues to challenge the boundaries of traditional design, uniting form and function through a refined dance of checkered lines and surfaces. Its expansion with new, unpublished elements confirms the enduring relevance of this visionary collection, which still today fascinates and inspires design lovers from all over the world.

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