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Supersalone 2021: LAGO presents a preview of three new products that play with the transparency of glass

Sideboard 36e8 Lago preview Supersalone 2021
Supersalone 2021: LAGO presents a preview of three new products that play with the transparency of glass it has been modified: 2021-07-05 di Benedetto Fiori

36e8 Glass sideboard, NOW sideboard and Meet Table, designed by Daniele Lago, are some of the new products that LAKE will bring on display at the super salon in Milan from 5 to 10 September. The three furnishings presented in preview play with the transparencies of the glass and with natural finishes reminiscent of marble and metals, reproduced on glass thanks to digital printing.

36e8 Glass sideboard

The new 36e8 Glass sideboard collection represents the evolution of the iconic 36e8 module of LAGO which, thanks to its modularity, is able to generate containment solutions with a light and dynamic design. Enriched by transparencies and precious details that characterize the Glass containers with a 45-degree structure, the new sideboards offer endless customization possibilities for the living area, hall and dining room. The new glass or metal supports accentuate the cleanliness of language and help define furnishing solutions that can fit into any interior style. Thus was born a collection of horizontal and vertical cupboards capable of responding to every storage need, up to becoming display cabinets and bar furniture. Available in three finishes - transparent, smoked gray and smoked bronze - the glass modules are emphasized by a integrated lighting system that creates alternating volumes, expressing a contemporary refinement of forms. 

Sideboard 36e8 Lago preview Supersalone 2021

Dimensions:: L 239,2 x H 75,3 x P 40,6
Materials: fronts in Opaque Onyx XGlass / Jute lacquered structure / Glass containers and Smoked Gray glass supports

NOW sideboard

Un volume broken by the rhythm of the glass bands modifies the conventional perception of sideboard NOW. The acronym of the name - Not Only White - coined for the famous collection of LAGO wardrobes, tells the extreme degree of customization of the single doors is preferably used for creation of infinite color and material combinations. The patented opening maintains the volumetric purity of the sideboard unaltered, defining an element with an essential and at the same time functional design. Enriched by an internal lighting system, the bronze smoked glass doors enhance and give warmth to the guarded object, celebrating the affections you care about most. The 8 mm thick glass integrates with the door without the use of frames or other support elements, preserving the purity of the distinctive shapes of the LAGO design. The extreme versatility of the NOW sideboard develops in a collection that includes solutions of multiple heights and sizes, with a customization that meets every need for style and space. In this way, elegant compositions on the ground, suspended on metal supports or on the wall, come to life, revealing the ambition to explore a new and lively aesthetic dialogue between display and containment.

NOW Lago sideboard preview of Supersalone 2021

Dimensions:: L 115,8 x H 142,8 x P 40,6
Materials: fronts and sides in polished Pewter and Bronze XGlass / top in polished Bronze XGlass / structure in Pomice melamine / back in Lino melamine / display cabinet and shelves in Fumè Bronze glass / supports in Pewter Steel

Meet Table

Two sculptural and symmetrical elements seek and meet at a single point of contact, producing a magical balance in which all parts support each other when united as a whole. Thus was born Meet Table, a table with bold geometric shapes that plays on the balance and contrast between the lightness of the top and the solidity of the base. Designed for a convivial atmosphere, Meet Table is available in rectangular, shaped and elliptical versions. The base of the table can be customized with a special metal lacquer in pewter, titanium and black finishes. The top can be in extra-clear glass, smoked glass, or in lacquered glass, as well as in material versions such as Wildwood centenary wood and XGlass finishes.

Meet Lago table preview Supersalone 2021

Dimensions:: L 250 x H 130
Materials: base in Titanium Steel / top in Smoked Gray glass

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