Powerful and minimalist lighting for bold spaces: Black Flag, design by Konstantin Grcic

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Powerful and minimalist lighting for bold spaces: Black Flag, design by Konstantin Grcic it has been modified: 2023-05-12 di Benedetto Fiori

"Black Flag" by Konstantin Grcic for Flos is an extendable wall lamp that combines functionality and surprising design. With the ability to extend up to 3,5 meters from the wall, it transforms from a minimalist sculpture to an illuminating centerpiece. The PRO version offers advanced light controls and a sustainable design. It's powerful and versatile lighting, perfect for work or home environments that crave a distinctive aesthetic.

The Black Flag lamp, created by Konstantin Grcic for Flos, combines a rebellious spirit with a functional and surprising design. Its unique feature of extending up to 3,5 meters from the wall allows it to bring light into the heart of any space, while when folded back it takes on the appearance of an elegant and visually powerful sculpture. It is an important, sculptural piece that commands attention, while remaining humble in its purpose, as Grcic himself states.

Konstantin Grcic has created an extendable wall lamp for Flos that can illuminate up to 3,5 meters from its support. Black Flag introduces a new type of lamp, which combines the functionality of a wall light with the presence of a centerpiece.

Black Flag, whose name is inspired by the rebellious and pioneering spirit of a famous punk rock band, represents the latest creation born from the collaboration between Flos and Konstantin Grcic. It is an extendable wall lamp made up of a vertical bar and three horizontal bars, designed to take up little space when closed and illuminate maximum when open.

Minimalist and light, with a strong functionality, Black Flag stands out for the decisive presence of the three extendable bars that compose it. When the bars are closed, adhering to the vertical bar, Black Flag looks like a sculpture hanging on the wall, a minimalist composition that recalls Suprematist art, an artistic movement that set out to express the artist's poetics with a single brush stroke. It also resembles a flag, hence the name of the lamp.

Opening the lamp completely changes its character: the extendable arms bring the light up to three meters and sixty centimeters from the support, transforming what used to be a discreet presence on the wall into a suspension-like illuminating centerpiece.

Composed of a series of elements with a simple but sophisticated assembly, Black Flag produces a typical light of a pendant lamp, even though it is not. The result is a powerful and uniform light, designed to perfectly illuminate a large work surface, as well as a large living room and many other types of spaces.

All the elements that make up Black Flag host an upward light source, which balances the main light source and guarantees maximum visual comfort. These characteristics make the lamp an ideal tool for advanced work environments that do not want to give up a distinctive aesthetic, as well as for any home environment where functionality is as essential as a disruptive design. Black Flag is also available in a sophisticated white finish.

Black Flag is available in two versions: standard and PRO.

In the PRO version, the lamp offers innovative control tools. On the wall bar, there are soft touch controls that allow you to adjust the intensity of the two light sources separately, both downwards and upwards, and to modulate the color temperature of the light using the Tunable White technology, which allows to make it hotter or cooler as needed.

Furthermore, the PRO version is compatible with a circadian lighting system and can be connected to a Building Automation system for light control using Casambi DALI and Bluetooth protocols.

The PRO version is also equipped with an Eco Mode, which consists of a sensor that adjusts the intensity of the light according to the surrounding environment, thus reducing energy consumption. This feature not only extends the life of the bulb but also maintains a consistent quality of light on the work surface.

Black Flag's advanced design is married with a sustainable mindset. Despite its impressive size, the lamp has been designed to minimize the use of materials and is mainly made of aluminium, a fully recyclable material.

Thanks to the absence of glue and welding, the assembly and disassembly of the lamp is extremely simple. Each element can be easily disassembled in anticipation of repairs or replacements and, at the end of its life cycle, can be properly disposed of and recycled. In addition, all optical drives are individually replaceable for device maintenance.

No plastic has been used in the packaging of Black Flag and the packaging has been designed flat, thus optimizing the shipping volume despite the size of the lamp.

Black Flag represents a perfect marriage between bold design, advanced functionality and sustainability. Thanks to its unique characteristics and its visual impact, this lamp proves to be an ideal choice for those looking for a modern and elegant lighting solution for their living or working environments.

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