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Milan Design Week 2023: the return of Ingo Maurer with a unique and passionate light installation.

INGO MAURER Milan Design Week Visual Fuorisalone
Milan Design Week 2023: the return of Ingo Maurer with a unique and passionate light installation. it has been modified: 2023-02-24 di Benedetto Fiori

Milan Design Week 2023 will see the return of Ingo Maurer, the German company specialized in lamp design who will present his unique creativity through an open-air light installation at Caselli 11-12 of Porta Nuova, in Piazzale Principessa Clotilde. This large installation marks a new beginning for the company after the founder's death and is meant to be an opportunity to tell his passion and creativity in a new and engaging way.

Ingo Maurer's staging presents a fascinating scenography, characterized by a carpet painted in fluorescent colors which extends across the arch and which is supported by a structure of ropes. Above it rises a surface of reflective material that hovers in the air, absorbing the colors and light of its surroundings and reflecting its own interpretation. The effect is that of a colored surface, which comes to life thanks to the thermal variations and movements of the material, creating a unique atmosphere.

The installation not only offers a play of colors during the day, but enchants with an intense night effect through targeted illumination of the floor. In this way, Ingo Maurer also transforms the whole external area around the toll booths into a spectacular setting to fascinate the citizens and visitors of the Fuorisalone. The installation integrates seamlessly with its surroundings, creating a symbiosis of design, art and architecture.

The lighting of the island at Ingo Maurer's FuoriSalone aims to evoke multiple messages, transforming this place into a meeting point for the entire design community, professionals and simple enthusiasts, offering a space for dialogue and discussion with a bright and stimulating atmosphere . At the same time, it is meant to symbolize the new start of the company after the death of the founder, the world-famous light designer and poet Ingo Maurer.

The new pic-a-stic lamp

Furthermore, Ingo Maurer will present new products during the Milan Design Week, including pic-a-stic, a pendant light to compose to your taste. This light is characterized by the wooden sticks inspired by the game of Shanghai, to be arranged freely around the central luminous body, supported by an elastic ring in black rubber. This product allows you to create a design object that is different every time and will be available in two color variants: a more rigorous one, with black and white sticks with the exception of two red ones, also ideal for the most minimalist interiors, and a more lively, with red and blue sticks that stands out in the space and becomes its central element.

Ingo Maurer's collection of handmade lights has always sought to combine playfulness and poetry in a unique and original way, and pic-a-stic fits perfectly into this philosophy. The design is inspired by a popular game of Chinese origin, Shanghai (or Mikado), in which players must remove sticks from a pile without dropping the others. In pic-a-stic, the sticks instead become decorative elements, to be arranged freely around the central luminous body.

The new open-air light installation presented during Milan Design Week 2023, together with the new collection of handmade lights and the participation in Euroluce, represents a great comeback for Ingo Maurer after the death of its founder. The company, known for its passion for light and its continuous search for creative ideas and projects with an extraordinary character, has the will to continue to carry on its innovative and fascinating work, inspired by the figure of the great designer and poet of the light Ingo Maurer.

In conclusion, Milan Design Week 2023 will be a unique opportunity to get a close-up look at the latest innovations by Ingo Maurer, a brand that has made light and creativity its strong point, and which has always tried to surprise the public with light installations and unique objects. The new open-air installation, created in an unexpected place in the city, will represent an extraordinary experience for all who visit it, while the new collection of handmade lights and the participation in Euroluce will offer further opportunities to discover the latest innovations of this iconic brand of the design world.

Ingo Maurer@FuoriSalone
Porta Nuova, Caselli 11-12, Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, Milan

Ingo Maurer@Euroluce
Hall 11 Booth 208

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