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GIFT IDEAS IITTALA ... For a Christmas to remember 2013

Iittala Christmas sarjaton JPG
GIFT IDEAS IITTALA ... For a Christmas to remember 2013 it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di jessica zannori

Who better than iittala is the magic, the atmosphere and the spirit of Christmas? Here are our suggestions for all tastes ... and for all budgets!

Sarjaton mug 0.36L Tikki red JPG

Collection Sarjaton, Reason Tikki red
Sarjaton (in Finnish "indefinite series"), launched in autumn 2012, is based on one of the key principles of iittala: modularity of the elements. The range repre-feel the perfect balance between the Finnish tradition and a touch of modernity that meets the different tastes of today's consumers. Sarjaton offers new combinations and is continuously enriched products, materials and motifs.
The reason Tikki ('point'), designed by the design studio Samuji, makes his Ricom-appeared, assuming the shades of red for the Christmas season. Samuji added to the red tones of the reason a delicacy and softness similar to those of the fabrics, drawing inspiration from traditional Finnish tes-sues.

Teema mug 0.3L red JPG

Teema collection, red
The Teema line was designed in 1952 by Kaj Franck. Expression of classic thought and essential design, each object derives from three basic shapes: the circle, the square and the rectangle. As Kaj Franck himself explained: “Color is the only necessary decoration”. The Teema line is extremely versatile, offers infinite combinations and satisfies all needs at the table. Set the Christmas table by adding a touch of warmth with the red version of the Teema line!

Taika plate 22cm red JPG

Taika collection, red
The series Taika ('magic' in Finnish), allows a wide range of products lively and lovely. The designs of Haapaniemi inspire the imagination and story-telling. The illustrations show each day magical and fascinating new details and nuances of meaning.

Aalto woodenplatter 355x436mm JPG

Aalto Collection, Cutting Board
The tray / cutting board Alvar Aalto incorporates the smooth flowing lines that characterize the design simple and timeless line Aalto. The line, inspired by the traditional form of the Nordic fjords, continues to surprise for its modernity for over 70 years.
The tray, plywood oak, is a piece incredibly functional that can be used as a cutting board, but also as common dish to serve for cheeses, meats or sweets.

Maribowl 120mm red JPG

Mari bowl
The colorful glass bowls bowl Mari are in production from 60 years; have become fine gifts and collectibles after the founder of Marimekko, Armi Ratia, began to use them for its famous garden parties to Bökärs.
The Mari bowl are now an object of worship, is suitable to serve it as decorative items. The Mari bowl are available in two sizes and in a wide range of co-lori: represent a welcome Christmas present in red version

Lantern 600mm clear JPG

Lantern, candle holders from the ground
Piece icon iittala, the candle holder Lantern Harri Koskinen is a sculptor-ture of light designed with clear lines and clean. The reflections of the candle inside, along with the hand-blown glass, create an illusion of light floating in the air.
The Lantern series, thanks to its unique design, decorate in a sober and perfect any space, and was presented this year in electric version.

Sarpaneva castiron casserole 3.0L JPG

Sarpaneva, Timo Sarpaneva 1960
Sarpaneva is a classic icon of Finnish design and international award-winning (received, for example, the silver medal at the Milan Triennale of 1960) for over 50 years. Sarpaneva's inspiration comes from his grandfather, who was a blacksmith. This piece of classic design is as functional in the kitchen as attrac-vant to the table: the cast iron body makes the pan suitable for any type of hob and oven, while the wooden handle of oak can be used to remove the cover or carry the pot. Sarpaneva is available in two sizes. The largest, by 4 liters, was launched in 2010 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the line.

Vakka box group 1 JPG

Vakka, container
In designing Vakka (the Finnish name indicates a bushel, typical container with lid), the pair Aalto + Aalto was inspired by wooden containers very famous in the Baltics. The idea was clear from the beginning: "We wanted to create a container beneath the king-that was aesthetically pleasing, it did not look like just a box but would lend itself to multiple uses, including the right to act as a piece of furniture." The wood is a natural choice for iittala, because it is a mate-rial authentic and soft. All products are manufactured in wood iittala LK-Taivute in Lahti, Finland, a place that has a long tradition in innovation and manufacture of wood products. Vakka, which can also be stacked to form a table, is available in two sizes, and also in black.

Birds Little Tern 75x110mm JPG

Creativity without limits Oiva Toikka combined with its sophisticated knowledge of glass has enabled him, together with experts from iittala glass blowers, to re-create small miracles of life. Inspired by nature and passion for art glass, Toikka has created more than birds in 400 40 years. The collection of Birds is the best craftsmanship and art that characterize all the brand iittala.
Each bird, in fact, is blown by hand: a unique piece of art, as the person who collects.

Leimu lamp 300x200mm copper 2 JPG

The table lamp Leimu, designed by the young Norwegian designer Magnus Pettersen, is the latest iittala regarding lighting environments.
Leimu, which in Finnish means "flame in the colors of the sunset," was inspired by the captivating combination of glass and concrete, typical of moder-na. Thanks to its solid concrete base, the lamp is a meeting to-fect between strength and delicacy.
Leimu creates a relaxed atmosphere for pleasant moments spent in compa-pany, while the color shades of hand-blown glass make each piece unique.

Kaasa fireplace 255mm light gray 2 JPG

Kaasa is a modern fireplace that was inspired by the ancient Finns headlights.
The Kaasa collection, designed for iittala by Ilkka Suppanen, is pleasant to decorate the hall or other spaces in the house, and is made up of fireplaces in two sizes and three colors (transparent, red, gray). Kaasa is similar to a hearth, without flue and works with ethanol: the flame is positioned on a satin stainless steel base, surrounded by a layer of heat-resistant protective glass, and by an additional layer of hand blown glass sternum.

Aalto vase clear 145mm JPG

Alvar Aalto Collection, premium models
The icon of Finnish design does not look like any other og-jet: the Aalto vase has laid the foundation of timeless design. The vessel, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936, presented for the first time at the International Exhibition of Paris, has revolution-lected Scandinavian design and world with its fluid form, simple and eternal.
The vessel is still blown within the factory iittala and is necessary to create a team of seven experienced craftsmen working-no in perfect harmony. Alvar Aalto created a vessel able to inspire, influence and transcend time.
Simple but revolutionary, is the form that moves.

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