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Feng-shui and online design: decorate the house with wellness

Feng-shui and online design: decorate the house with wellness it has been modified: ‭2015-02-18 di Grace_creative

Who has not heard of "feng-shui"?

A concept very popular in China and, in general, in the East: an ancient discipline, almost an art form in the middle between the physical and the spiritual, which is to dislocate the elements in the domestic space as the energy flows naturally present its inside.

The contemporary interior design owes much to this philosophy furnishing, so that arise specialized websites right in the mix of personal well-being and relaxation of the environment in which it lives, whether private or business. An example is, Portal whose goal is to stimulate the body and mind through everyday objects that become "food" for the peace of mind: candles, home fragrance, fragrances, accessories all at all superfluous, on the contrary, the key to facilitating the calm and concentration, or the liveliness and productivity.

Given as a fact that channel the positivity in the right way within an environment generates welfare, how to follow the guidelines of feng-shui, for example, to furnish an office open space of a company or agency? Here are some tips to keep in consideration:

1) Placement of furniture and workstations.

Needless to specify that each employee must have its own individual desk: no overcrowding to avoid contact stress and tensions between colleagues are forced to work, physically, elbow to elbow. Moreover, the choice of furniture is important: the desks should be light wood, preferably with rounded corners, and always arranged such that the operator has cornered. This gives a feeling of security and makes work more calmly, without stress.

2) Lighting and use of candles.

The neon lights depopulated in offices are often very strong and cold, giving a feeling of discomfort and tightness. Better to replace them with warm lighting, and why not, have some scented candles in the common areas, to a greater sense of relaxation.

3) Smell and fragrances: use them to the fullest.

Aromatherapy is a science: it is proven that the body and the human brain react differently to different fragrances. Room scents that spread notes of lemon, rosemary, peppermint and citrus are suitable to the workplace because it seems to stimulate productivity and liveliness brain.

4) Coffee break and the presence of water.

Do not put the coffee machine in a dark corner or a basement: the break can be a positive moment of encounter, where new ideas are born. To encourage them, the better a bright and cozy environment, where you will install a small water fountain, primary element of life, which helps the mental processes and calms the spirit.

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