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Show "EmotionArt" of Damast. Great participation at the inauguration.

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Show "EmotionArt" of Damast. Great participation at the inauguration. it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The emotion of color, the strong impact of the subject, the insights generated from the words and the evidence of the industrial environment:

a unique mix to form the engaging path of the exhibition "EmozioArti", inaugurated Saturday 9, in the space industrial Vifra, to Invorio.

In the large industrial hall, art lovers, professionals and fans they have admired, during the vernissage, the exhibits and met the players and the organizers of the event. Artists have "told" their work, talking with visitors. From "factory of plastic", to "art factory", the space Vifra welcomed so installations, paintings and performance of 25 personality very different.

"In work and in life, words don't count, facts do" reads a large sign hanging in the former factory, and the exhibition, curated by Damast and Vifra, offers several facts: works that combine the naturalness of wood glass craftsmanship, as in the “Tree of Life” lamp, which will go to the Expo; the iron portraits of “Dodo”, also these next guests of the Universal Exposition of Milan; and then large blue skies, made with classical painting techniques, sculptures in olive and marble to be discovered by touch, and much more. Poetry also had its role in moving visitors, as well as the proposed titles, a key to interpreting the works and, at the same time, a starting point for dream thoughts and visions.

The exhibition in via Felice Vedani, 20 will be open again on Saturday and Sunday 16 17 May. Also open by appointment. -

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