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I Ching by Tubes Radiatori selected for the ADI Design Index 2022

I Ching by Tubes Radiatori selected for the ADI Design Index 2022 it has been modified: 2022-12-06 di air

I Ching by Tubes Radiatori, designed by Elisa Ossino, has been selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory for inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2022, a publication that brings together the best Italian design put into production every year.
The first volume of the two-year cycle collects the products chosen by the ADI commission of experts to compete for the ADI 2024 Compasso d'Oro Award.

Therefore, an important step towards the most prestigious award in the design sector, the Compasso d'Oro, already won by Tubes in 2018 with the Origami project designed by Alberto Meda, now exhibited at the Compasso d'Oro Museum in Milan.

I Ching is an electric towel warmer module in stainless steel designed starting from a radical formal simplification and conceived to be installed in multiples. Each module can be arranged horizontally or vertically, in different finishes and sizes, so as to create different graphic compositions on the wall and transform the heating object into a sort of artwork.
Light, minimal, essential, I Ching transmits elegance and purity, thanks to the absence of any type of visible joint, connoting the space and making one forget the functional aspect for which it is intended.
I Ching by Tubes Radiatori will also be exhibited in a traveling exhibition which will make its characteristics of design care and innovation known to a wider audience of design enthusiasts.

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