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Cersaie 2023: the new trends of the Colavene group in the bathroom world

colavene camaleo ceramic sink cm
colavene camaleo ceramic sink 80 cm
Cersaie 2023: the new trends of the Colavene group in the bathroom world it has been modified: 2023-08-29 di Benedetto Fiori

In the context of Cersaie 2023, the Colavene Group, originally from Civita Castellana, presents innovative proposals outlining new trends for bathroom furnishings. New features include eye-catching washbasins, new colors and shapes, as well as a focus on functional design.

Bologna is ready to welcome the most awaited event in the world of bathroom architecture and design: Cersaie 2023. In this setting of innovation and creativity, the proposals of the Colavene Group stand out, a group of companies with roots in Civita Castellana, who are preparing to outline the new bathroom trends for the coming year.

From the 25 to the 29 September, visitors will be able to admire the Group's extraordinary new products on display at the Stand A89 B86 in Hall 21. The companies represented, including Colavene, Axa, Tamanaco and Colacril, present themselves with a wide range of proposals that combine functionality and design in a combination of elegance and practicality.

One of the protagonist companies of this exhibition is undoubtedly Colavene, the first of the six companies of the Group founded in 1968 by Giovanni Colamedici in the ceramic district of Civita Castellana. This company specializes in the production of modular furniture for the bathroom and laundry, introducing innovative concepts such as the Active Wash "technowash", which has revolutionized the way of conceiving the washing space. Thanks to recent strategic acquisitions, Colavene Spa is now able to offer complete bathroom furnishing solutions, including the precious AXA ceramic sanitary ware, the Colacril hydromassage tubs and the Tamanaco multifunctional shower enclosures.

The space, designed by Farinatti Design, celebrates the presence of the Colavene Group at the 40th edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile with suggestive settings and avant-garde collections of washbasins, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. Among the new proposals, the new structures in captivating shades of bronze, black and brushed steel stand out for the “Camaleo” washbasin, a piece of furniture that coordinates perfectly with furniture with squared shapes. Furthermore, the Tino and Tina ceramic sink-tubs are renewed with 4 new external graphics that play with orthogonal lines, bringing freshness and originality to the bathroom.

Another interesting novelty is represented by the "Wynn" washbasin-sink, which adapts perfectly to different spaces, be it the bathroom, the terrace or even the garage. The new 60×50 cm size joins the previous variants, offering greater versatility. Furthermore, the Acquaceramica collections are enriched with new colors such as White, Mink, Lead, Natural Oak and Red Pine, confirming the Colavene Group's commitment to creating solutions that adapt to the tastes and needs of customers.

Between the most awaited news, we also find the bowl-washbasin designed by Alessandro Paolelli, who brings his creative talent to the bathroom environment, confirming the Colavene Group's attention to innovation and avant-garde design.

Another member of the Group, Axa, which made its appearance in 1996 as a company specializing in high quality sanitary ware, presents oval and rectangular models for the "MATE" washbasin. A mini version is also proposed for the “EVA” line sanitary ware. Among the Axa products, the “Delano” washbasin stands out, a ceramic work of art engraved in a very thin layer, which combines the elegance of the oval with a sculptural and minimalist character. The “Legacy” line reinvents the classic shapes of ceramic washbasins in a modern key, combining a skilful use of color to create a contemporary effect. Also not to be overlooked is the “VIS” sink, a work of original proportions, obtained through an innovative process that gives an organic shape to the sink, playing with curves and fluid lines.

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