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Personalization in focus: Acquabella revolutionizes the bathroom concept with new grids and colors at Cersaie 2023

Acquabella Lux Grid
Personalization in focus: Acquabella revolutionizes the bathroom concept with new grids and colors at Cersaie 2023 it has been modified: 2023-08-29 di Benedetto Fiori

Acquabella unveils a new level of personalization for the bathroom at Cersaie 2023. By presenting innovative drainage grates – Geo, Lux and Mia – the Spanish brand transforms shower trays into unique works of art.

In the furniture and design panorama, the Acquabella brand stands out for its constant search for innovative and customized solutions that take the bathroom experience to new levels. The Cersaie 2023 edition sees Acquabella as the undisputed protagonist, presenting a series of innovations that highlight the concept of customization as the watchword.

New high-precision grids for a unique shower tray

Personalization is the cornerstone of the innovations presented by Acquabella at Cersaie 2023. Through a contemporary-oriented approach and the use of the latest technologies, the Spanish brand introduces a new series of high-precision grates designed to make each shower tray a unique work .

The drainage grates, especially designed for the minimal Base and Arq models, represent a turning point in the way we manage the flow of water in our bathroom space. Three new designs – Geo, Lux and Mia – expand the possibilities of choice and customization. Made in Akron®, a material that guarantees aesthetic coherence with the rest of the shower tray, these grates are not just a functional detail but a design element that makes the difference.

The Geo grid is characterized by its holes of various sizes arranged in a circle, evoking the image of stone fragments that recall ancient Neolithic circles. The Lux model, on the other hand, creates a vibrant pattern on the surface, inspired by Moorish elements, giving it an exotic and fascinating touch. Finally, the Mia grid, inspired by water drops, offers a stainless steel version that creates a fascinating contrast with the Akron® material. The drops, now larger and now smaller, are arranged irregularly, creating a natural and engaging texture.

Colors for the soul: the new Season collection

But the surprises don't end there. Acquabella once again demonstrates its commitment to offering personalized experiences with the introduction of the new “Season” color collection. This color range joins the already existing “Standard” and “Naturally Made” lines, known for their neutral and refined nuances.

With "Season", Acquabella explores new shades that capture the essence of the different seasons. Among the various nuances, the deep "Burgundy" and the delicate "Petal" emerge, both declined in purple tones, the intense "Ocean" and the serene "Sky" represent the shades of blue, while the lively "Forest" and the fresh “Mint” add points of green to the collection.

In conclusion, innovation and customization come together in the presentation of Acquabella at Cersaie 2023. The Spanish company proves once again that it is at the forefront of the sector, offering solutions that transform the bathroom into a unique space, where technology and design come together to create an unparalleled experience. With the new high-precision grids and the rich range of “Season” colours, Acquabella offers endless possibilities for shaping the bathroom of your dreams.

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