Open Innovation Alto Adige / competition of ideas and design "wooden Souvenir"

Open Innovation Alto Adige / competition of ideas and design "wooden Souvenir" it has been modified: 2012-05-19 di Benedetto Fiori

APA, Provincial Association of Crafts of South Tyrol on the occasion of the launch of the platform "Open Innovation Alto Adige", The game 9 May 2012, organizes the first contest looking for innovative and creative ideas for the "Souvenir wooden"

The goal of this competition is the development of ideas and design for high quality souvenirs from South Tyrol discussing with the Community and with the experts.
If you are designers, craftsmen, students, tourists, inventors or enthusiasts from "village" North of Italy, we are pleased to welcome you on our platform for innovation. Let us know how you see the future of South Tyrolean souvenirs and used the opportunity to discuss and to vote and to communicate your ideas and contributions of other members. In other words, become members and take part in the project "Open Innovation Alto Adige".

Participating in the competition is very simple: Sign up, Be inspired by the ideas of the community and upload your proposals for the competition "Souvenir wooden". You can submit ideas in graphic form, illustrations, designs, photos, sketches and descriptions. The principle objective of the competition is to develop, together with the joinery Hofer of 'South Tyrol a special souvenir that makes you feel our guests the feeling of bringing home a piece of the vacation spot.
You can send your ideas and design for the competition "Souvenir wooden" up to 04.07.2012 on site Throughout the period, we also invite the community to evaluate all proposals, the feedback will influence the final choice of the winners. At the end of the competition, the jury will evaluate all the ideas and choose the winners during a big meeting in late July.

If you are creative, motivated, if you had always wanted to take part in a creative competition, move and win a nice prize. We look forward to welcoming you on our platform and to know your ideas for the "gift of wood."

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